The Essential Components for Sustaining Overachieving Sales Performance

This survey provides important takeaways for sales leaders by comparing the bottom 20% of sales performers (also known as the underachievers) with the top 20% (also known as the overachievers). Overachievers reported being at or above quota. Interested in the most important differences between these two groups – beyond the obvious fact that the top 20% makes significantly more money?

Critical Takeaway for Sales Leaders #1: The Early Days Matter

Overachieving sales performers were roughly 1.5x more likely than underachievers to have a manager who was effective and skilled at three specific activities that connect to a positive experience in the early going for the newly hired salesperson: recruiting team members, onboarding those new members of the sales team, and coaching them one-on-one. This finding suggests that investing the development of these skills in sales management has a dramatic positive impact on team income generation.

Critical Takeaway for Sales Leaders #2: Clarifying the Sales Process Matters

Data from the survey reinforce the need for successful sales teams to have and follow a clear sales process. The highest-performing 20% of sales teams were 1.4x more likely to have a sales process in place, and 2.8x more likely to consistently follow that sales process, than the lowest-performing 20%.

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