Leading from the Front in Challenging Times

This survey compiles and analyses data from a global collection of hundreds of sales leaders and managers. The data was collected during the fourth quarter of 2020.

Several critical data points relating to adaptation and change management strategy in the post-pandemic era varied, depending on the size of the respondent’s organization.

For this analysis, company size was determined by the annual revenue of an organization as was reported by the survey participants. Here, four sizes of companies are compared:

  • those with annual revenue of less than 1 million dollars,
  • those with annual revenue of, between 1 and 10 million dollars,
  • those with annual revenue of between 10 and 500 million dollars,
  • and those with annual revenue greater than 500 million dollars.

Obviously, the pandemic has brought about great change in everyone’s lives. This change has been both personal and professional. The SRC survey asked whether an organization’s sales processes had undergone strategic change as a result of the transition to remote commercial trading. Overall, 71.4% of survey participants replied “Yes” to that question. But applying the lens of company size to those results showed that strategic sales process changes were more likely to happen at smaller and mid-sized organizations than at the very largest ones. This suggests that larger companies have been somewhat slower to adjust to the new selling realities of the current period. Moreover, many respondents were unable to reply either yes or no to this question, reflecting an uncertainty about the effect of the transition that was most pronounced at the largest companies.

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