How to Succeed at Building a Legacy

Mike Montague

In this episode, you will learn about legacy from Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar, Inc. and co-author of Born to Win with his father, Zig Ziglar. Tom shares his thoughts on the attitudes, behaviors, and techniques of building a legacy and life worth living. Tom also talks about the new Sandler/Ziglar strategic alliance.

Owings Mills, MD – Sandler Training and Ziglar Inc., two of the major players in the training world, have formed a strategic alliance to share resources.

As the leader of the global sales training market, Sandler Training has 250 offices worldwide, with professional trainers providing more than 450,000 hours per year of instruction in 23 languages. 

Ziglar Inc. has been a leader in the motivational and business space for over 40 years. Zig Ziglar, the founder of Ziglar Inc., has influenced approximately a quarter of a billion individuals, and his son, Tom, carries on his legacy today.

The strategic alliance with Ziglar Inc. enables Sandler Training to offer additional courses, as well as enhancing already existing programs, to their clients. The Ziglar content focuses on attitude, which fits well with Sandler’s proprietary BAT program (Behaviors, Attitudes, and Techniques). Likewise, Sandler Training will bring Ziglar Inc. more into the corporate arena by allowing the company to offer specific Sandler courses to Ziglar clientele. 

Years of mutual respect and admiration for each other’s successes has led to this alliance. “We realize and appreciate the impact Sandler’s had on the corporate world,” says Tom Ziglar. “So we want this alliance to help bring the Ziglar message into the corporate world.”

A driving force for these companies to align began with the idea that millennials are often unsure of what career path they want to go down. Ziglar’s motivational content mixed together with Sandler’s sales training techniques ensures a millennial’s success. “Our combined offerings create a powerful learning path for millennials as well as all levels and generations throughout an organization,” says David Mattson, President and CEO of Sandler Training.

The proven and timeless principles of David H. Sandler and Zig Ziglar continue to drive success for companies and individuals, and both Sandler and Ziglar have demonstrated the ability to transfer those proven and timeless principles into today’s ever-changing and evolving business landscape.

“I love that the biggest name in sales joins the biggest name in motivation,” Ziglar emphasizes. “The corporate world needs what Ziglar has and Sandler is the world leader in helping corporations achieve their revenue goals, which enhances our offerings.”

Sandler Training is known in the industry for its techniques and skills with sales training while Ziglar Inc. is recognized specifically for the attitude portion of effective leadership training. Mattson states, “if you can meld those two together, it’s just a winning combination.”