How to Succeed at Gold Medal Selling

Mike Montague

How to Succeed at Gold Medal Selling [PODCAST]

Mike Montague interviews Anneli Thomson, Sandler trainer and member of Team Great Britain in the triathlon, on How to Succeed at Gold Medal SellingGet the new Sandler Book at:  In this episode:

  • Best attitude, behavior, and technique to Succeed at Gold Medal Selling
  • Train to sell the way Olympians train to compete
  • Belief in affirmations takes time and training
  • Check-in on your goals and update them
  • Create a vision board
  • You need a monthly, weekly, and daily plan to reach your goal
  • Do the behaviors you commit to every day
  • Take control of the sales process
  • Remember you’re not always going to like all your tasks all the time
  • Keep pushing past your comfort zone to do things differently for different results

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