How to Succeed at Podcast Marketing

Mike Montague

How to Succeed at Podcast Marketing

Mike Montague interviews Jaclyn Schiff on How to Succeed at Podcast Marketing In this episode:

  • What is podcast marketing
  • The biggest benefits of podcast marketing
  • How to repurpose your podcasts and use them for years
  • How to use the text of your podcast to increase your SEO and inbound traffic
  • How to consistently create podcasts and not have “podcast fade”
  • It’s not about how many listeners, it’s about reaching the right listeners
  • What behaviors to do pre and post podcast creation
  • Get linked in your industry newsletter
  • How to build your audience
  • How to inexpensively transcribe your podcasts for repurposing
  • Best attitude, behavior, and technique for How to Succeed at Podcast Marketing

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