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The Sandler Rules for Sales Leaders

Most sales teams and salespeople tend to resist any attempt to establish a consistent process for the team as a whole … and managers tend to let them! Why?


Motivational Management

To get the most from your organization, you need to understand why people show up for work … and tie that reason to your company’s mission.


Change The Sandler Way

This powerful resource details and demonstrates the four stages of transition and eight common negative consequences that accompany organizational change.


The Contrarian Salesperson

Learn how to sell more and sell more easily by doing the opposite of what your prospects expect without looking like a stereotypical salesperson.


The Sales Coach’s Playbook

When you want your team to continually make good choices and improve overall performance, you’re looking to create a long-term coaching playbook for each member of your sales team.


Sandler Enterprise Selling

A practical six-stage approach for winning business with profitable enterprise clients, serving them effectively, and expanding the relationship over time.


Succeed the Sandler Way

Taking a good, hard look at yourself is a prerequisite of any breakthrough.

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