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LinkedIn The Sandler Way

A ground-breaking, just released book on Social Selling

A powerful book from the world's largest sales training organization partnering with the world's largest networking organization.

Struggling to efficiently leverage LinkedIn to maximize your sales?

Get this FREE 68-page e-book and learn how to efficiently use the world’s largest professional network to find more prospects and increase your sales.

Powerful, insider best practices for effective social selling utilizing LinkedIn.

25 discussions uncover big ideas for prospecting and selling online -- ideas so new that they probably haven’t become part of a sales team’s daily culture. In just a few days, learn and apply these best practices, all of which dovetail with Sandler selling principles.

LinkedIn the Sandler Way offers field-tested tactics for: ​

  • Using your LinkedIn profile to target a specific audience in a compelling way. 
  • Harnessing LinkedIn to create a powerful, self-updating contact list.
  • Leveraging LinkedIn to generate warm referrals from your existing contact network. 
  • Using LinkedIn to support an efficient, time-sensitive prospecting and selling plan.

LinkedIn the Sandler Way in the Press

Use LinkedIn to support your, not your prospect's process

Lead When you Dance

February 2016 - by David Mattson

When we talk about "qualifying" a prospect, we don't mean just making sure the person has a pulse and is willing to speak. To qualify in the sense we mean, you have to be willing to talk with a prospect as a peer about the pain he is experiencing, about the budget available to remove that pain and about the decision process around allocating that budget. You have to decide, together, that it makes sense to move forward.

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Adapted from “LinkedIn the Sandler Way: 25 Secrets that Show Salespeople How to Leverage the World’s Largest Professional Network”

Strike the Right Connection Balance on LinkedIn

April 6, 2016 - by David Mattson

Everyone who uses LinkedIn has a connection philosophy, though some people probably would have a hard time describing their philosophy in words. Maybe you’re one of those people who aren’t sure what your connection philosophy is. For those of you who sell for a living, we want to suggest that you make a conscious choice to adopt a connection philosophy that supports both you and your organization.

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