Zero Waste Customer Journey

An opportunity for companies to review and improve what they offer.

A New and Flexible Approach

We proudly introduce a new training program based on over 30 years of our team experience. A rapidly changing, post-crisis market demands a new and flexible approach to the sales and customer care processes.  It results in “a customer journey” concept - an opportunity for companies to review and improve what they offer and how appealing their communication really is.

“Zero Waste” in your new client-facing processes starts with 4 rules: 
Step One

Work smarter, not harder

Step Two

Use a repeatable process

Step Three

There are no bad prospects, there are only poor salespeople

Step Four

Be flexible designing your company’s customer journey

“I don’t like virtual trainings.”
“I don’t believe that I will enjoy training via video.”
“E-learning is boring.”
This is what people often think and say about remote learning methods.
Is this your opinion as well?
We know that bad attitude can kill every new idea.
We understand you may have bad experiences.
It’s proven that people engage in a learning process if convinced by a method.
That is why we invite you to a Sandler free orientation webinar for the
“Zero Waste Sales Process” program.

During the webinar you will:

  • Try the tools
  • Get the program details
  • Ask questions and get answers
  • Check if this is a suitable way of learning for you and your team

Our Training Series - A Stage for Everyone

Zero Waste Customer Journey works when recognized and understood by everyone involved. That is why we divided our approach into three stages. Please choose the one or ones which are the most suitable for your role and duties.

€ 700


Zero Waste Lead Generation & Early Qualification by Sandler

  • Four 1.5h instructor-led live webinar training
  • Sandler Online Access for 6 months
  • Digital Materials
  • 50 hours of e-learning 


  • Marketing Managers / Specialists
  • Lead Generation Managers / Specialists
  • Sales Process Designers
  • Salespeople doing prospecting themselves


  • A lot of prospects saying “We are in a crisis. We are not interested.”
  • Difficult to attract clients via website, mailing, advertising, etc.
  • Poor lead quality affecting hit rat
  • Not recognizing changing client sentiments and expectations
  • Problems with prospecting and targeting


  • New, actionable messaging for pipeline building
  • Talk-tracks examples for buying personas for accurate targeting
  • An efficient early qualification process to achieve better hit rates

€ 1,750


Zero Waste Sales Process by Sandler   

  • Ten 1.5h instructor led live webinar training 
  • Sandler Online Access for 6 months 
  • Digital Materials 
  • 50 hours of e-learning 
  • 1h individual coaching session 


  • Sales Professionals
  • Account Executives
  • KAMs
  • Business Developers
  • Sales Enablement Experts


  • No rapport with the decision makers or decisions postponed until the end of the crisis
  • Hard to find the client’s real needs and challenges
  • Clients resistant to change current vendor
  • Spending time delivering presentations to prospects but without results
  • Struggling to prove that product or service is worth its price
  • Missing the expected sales quota;


  • Use a client-qualifying process to cut unproductive selling activities
  • Overcome objections to shorten time-to-buy decisions
  • Neutralize price negotiations to maintain margins
  • Understanding the buying process and budget constraints to create a fitting solution

€ 1,100


Zero Waste Customer Care & Account Based Selling by Sandler    

  • Six 1.5h instructor led live webinar training 
  • 50 hours of e-learning 
  • Sandler Online Access for 6 months 
  • Digital Materials 


  • Account Sales Managers
  • Customer Care Specialists

  • Sales Engineers

  • Sales Process Designers

  • Sales Enablement Specialists


  • Existing clients suspend new projects because of a crisis

  • Poor up-sell and x-sell ratios

  • Ineffective sales campaigns of new products / services to existing clients

  • Low client retention / client net-loss

  • Growing dissatisfaction and clients’ complaints

  • Lack of clients’ loyalty


  • Higher up- and x-sell rate

  • Easier objections / claims handling

  • An effective clients’ retention process

Bartek Posmyk
Bartek Posmyk
[Managing Director Sandler EMEA Corporate Accounts] 

Bartek has worked with specialists and professionals, who… often do not particularly like to sell. His clients come from the engineering, banking, consulting and high-tech industries. He has been involved in designing sales performance systems that enable users to maintain effectiveness in virtual business environment.

Working with Sandler for the last 14 years he has run some of the largest Sandler programs and has taught the Sandler approach to 3700 students so far. He also became an advisor to the MIT Enterprise Foundation helping the start-ups from energy, high-tech and fintech areas to improve their business development proficiency.

Today, Bartek is the Managing Director of the Corporate Accounts EMEA office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He develops a network of Sandler experts in Europe and coordinates large corporate projects. He specializes in cross-cultural business ventures, leveraging his European and American educational and professional experience.

Beatrice Niklas
Beatrice Niklas
[Business Development Director Sandler EMEA Corporate Accounts] 

An experienced sales director and a consultant with a reliable B2B sales background based on over 15 years of work for multinational companies (telecommunications & IT). A good team leader and strategy creator. Enthusiastic and full of energy which makes her able to engage teams into achieving better results. Passionate about new technologies applications, results improvement, business simplicity and building sustainable “zero-waste” companies.

Main fields of expertise: customer journey design, digital transformation (CRM, chatbots, process automation), business consulting, sales teams’ development.

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