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Your Guide to Creating Social Selling Emails That Land You an Appointment

TIP #1

No connection? Request a connect with a personal email that introduces you, expresses interests, and leaves a CTA. 

TIP #2

Weak connection? Request a face-to-face meeting with a short 'refresher' email on you and a hook to lock in a meeting. 

TIP #3

Expand your network by requesting introductions from your existing 2nd level connections. 

Create a connection.

Social media is so prevalent now in life and business. Most of us can think of a time when we’ve received a link or friend request from someone we’ve never heard of, wanting to connect. No surprise, most of us treat such requests like spam email and delete them as fast as they come in.

Instead, professionals and businesses need to approach social media messaging and email requests for connections from the perspective of finding common ground.

Your Guide to Creating Social Selling Emails That Land You An Appointment


Change the way you approach prospects through personalized, effective email.

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