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Hiring Ideal Candidates

It takes more than good instincts or luck

Putting the right people in the right place is a science

It Takes a Systematic Approach

Successfully filling an open position requires the skill to develop an accurate job profile, identify the skills, habits, attitude, and other abilities required to effectively and efficiently carry out the functions of the position.  

Managers need the ability to formulate and ask appropriate interview questions that reveal the presence or absence of identified attributes.

Job Function graphic
  • Job description

  • Job posting

  • Define expectations

SEARCH Model graphic
  • Resumé review

  • Interview model/ environment-situational

  • Interview questions

  • Assessment profile


Job Function graphic
  • Selection process

  • Creating 90 day plan

  • Cookbook

  • Performance evaluations

  • Individual training plan

  • Personality profile/ communication style

Sandler trained sales managers develop the skills, and are given the tools with which to

  • Create an accurate job profile

  • Formulate relevant interview questions

  • Conduct meaningful interviews

  • Organize and record applicant information

  • Objectively evaluate applicants

  • Make successful hiring decisions

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