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Why use Sandler Enterprise Selling?

For DS Smith Plastics, the answer has been obvious – it’s given us a common set of tools for progressing a sale to close, a common language to use when in the process of making that sale and above all else a common strategic platform to make the process scalable and repeatable.  Sandler Enterprise Selling takes the well proven Sandler principles to the next level and can really drive meaningful change within your organization.

Kevin Grogan
DS Smith Plastics

8 Unique Challenges in Enterprise Selling

Winning enterprise business presents unique challenges to selling teams and selling organizations in general. First, you need to understand how selling to large corporations differs from the less complex world of selling to small and medium-sized companies. It takes time, energy, commitment and money but the payoff can be huge.

Too many enterprise sales professionals treat their trade as pure art,

using “gut feeling” and the direction of the wind to guide major business decisions. The Sandler Enterprise Selling program (SES) gives organizations who sell into complex accounts a quantifiable enterprise selling system that can be launched, measured, tested, and amplified at any step of the process. SES provides both a clear methodology and an easy-to-grasp cross-functional vocabulary. These two elements allow individual salespeople, and the selling organization as a whole, to identify and resolve bottlenecks, manage current and emerging business relationships effectively, and deliver greater success, quicker. Sandler Enterprise Selling is a force multiplier, plain and simple.   
Benjamin Kelton
Director of Sales  |  Drilling Info, Inc.

Sandler Enterprise Selling, published by McGraw-Hill


"Dave Mattson and Brian Sullivan have written the authoritative piece on enterprise selling. This book combines innovative, provocative insights and proven real world experiences to give executive leaders and service providers a powerful ‘how-to’ into every aspect of enterprise account selling. Their ideas are pragmatic, transformative and timeless.”

David Devine
Chairman & CEO
The Devine Group, Inc.

We’ve been using The Sandler methods for many years.  We chose the Sandler Enterprise Selling program because it takes our skills to the level necessary for us to outperform our competition in a highly competitive, highly sophisticated market.

Ken Harris
Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Pelstar LLC/Health-o-meter® Professional Scales


Join the Sandler Enterprise Selling group on LinkedIn!

Sandler Enterprise Selling is designed to help overcome the unique challenges faced in winning, serving and keeping enterprise accounts. This LinkedIn group provides a forum for discussions about the enterprise arena to help group members win business with profitable enterprise clients, serve them effectively and expand the relationships.

“We have four operating units across which we leverage Sandler Training,

which provides us with a common process and common language. That’s important as we 
Think about transferring talent and leadership between our businesses. Sonoco’s emphasis on strategic account management and sustainable value creation are completely aligned with the Sandler Enterprise Selling (SES) process and its tools. I believe that some of our greatest potential and greatest assets are to be found in our relationships with our existing customers. I’m excited about our growth prospects as we work the SES process and tools to unlock this potential.”

Greg L. Powell
Vice President  |  Sonoco Protective Solutions – Packaging and Components 

Sandler Enterprise Selling provides the framework to take enterprise account management to the next level using Sandler’s proven principles.  It’s a very strategic approach to help navigate complex selling environments and yield tremendous results!

Tracie Reed
VP Business Development | Drillform Technical Services Ltd.


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Refine Your Sales Process With a Sales Template

Sandler’s Enterprise Selling (SES) program is giving us a strategic approach to developing both our customers and prospects. The program uses structured collaboration to bring together our Sales, Operations, IT, Management and Customer Service departments for effectively winning and growing major accounts. Using SES we can determine what the customer needs and how best to deliver it, rapidly and without wasting resources. 

Brian Topper
Managing Director | Centaur Services


Over 250 offices around the globe makes Sandler the largest training organization in the world.

Over 250 offices around the globe makes Sandler the largest training organization in the world.

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