The Sandler Rules for Sales Leaders

The Sandler Rules for Sales Leaders

For effective sales leadership based on the proven principles of the Sandler Selling System.

Consistent processes are key.

Most sales teams and salespeople tend to resist any attempt to establish a consistent process for the team as a whole … and managers tend to let them! Why?


Dave Mattson

David Mattson, CEO and President of Sandler Training, oversees the corporate direction and strategy for Sandler’s global operations including sales, marketing, consulting, alliances and support. His key areas of focus are sales leadership, strategy, and client satisfaction. Under Mattson’s leadership, the Sandler organization expanded domestically and internationally to over 250 offices in 27 countries around the world. Mattson is the author of multiple books, including the Wall Street Journal bestseller The Sandler Rules.

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Are you and your sales team speaking the same language?

Yet sales, for some reason, typically doesn’t have a consistent process that managers and employees can understand and agree to follow.

  • Everyone in Accounting speaks the same language. Same processes. Same results.
  • Marketing team members agree on a method to measure results.
  • The Operations department agrees on the process by which the work gets done.
  • Engineering agrees on the designs that connect ideas with products.



The definitive resource for effective sales leadership, based on the proven principles of the Sandler Selling System.



Follow a sales management process that works.

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