The Sandler Rules

The Sandler Rules Book

The Sandler Rules

49 timeless selling principles and how to apply them.


Become a truly successful salesperson.

Dave Mattson offers the appropriate behaviors, attitudes and beliefs to achieve success almost effortlessly based on the Sandler Selling System.

The Sandler Rules Book Dave Mattson - CEO and President

[AUTHOR] Dave Mattson

David Mattson is the CEO and President of Sandler Training, an international training and consulting organization headquartered in the United States. Since 1986, he has been a trainer and business consultant for management, sales, interpersonal communication, corporate team building, and strategic planning throughout the United States and Europe.


Succeed in the sales arena.

The most successful sales techniques ever revealed. Based on the rules developed by David H. Sandler, creator of the Sandler Selling System.


The definitive resource

For effective prospecting communications.

  • Why jumping to do a favor for a customer spoils your relationship.
  • When it’s wrong to do research or prepare a proposal a prospect asks for.
  • How to control the selling process by directing your prospects’ behavior.
  • How to conduct yourself in every selling situation so you get orders or get out.
  • Why prospects lie and what questions will uncover the truth you need.

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