Why People Buy

Why People Buy Book

Why People Buy

How to give people what they need so they want to buy from you.

Relevant to all salespeople from every industry and channel

Whether you’re new to Sandler concepts or a Sandler expert, there’s no better time to learn effective prospecting, qualifying, and selling strategies.


Greg Nanigian

Greg Nanigian plays an important role in Sandler’s worldwide organization, and is recognized internationally as a business development expert specializing in executive sales consulting and sales productivity training. A dynamic, enthusiastic speaker certified in the proprietary selling system developed by David H. Sandler, he informs, entertains, and motivates leadership and rank-and-file sales teams to achieve their full potential.


Uncover what really drives sales.

“As a veteran of several sales training systems, I have found the Sandler method superior to all. My year-long training under the tutelage of Greg Nanigian paid for itself in just a few months. I found that the foundation of honesty and openness that underlies the Sandler philosophy resonated with me and was much easier to implement than, say, a program that promises one hundred ways to counter an objection. Just when I thought that I had remembered all the training I received from Greg, this book arrived and served as an invaluable reminder of how much I’d actually forgotten. Greg managed to distill the essence of the entire Sandler method in this short book. Whether sales is your title and profession, or you just occasionally interact with a prospect or customer, there are two things you should do: Enroll in Sandler training, and buy this book.”

Mark Spencer, President | Water Analytics, Inc.

Uncover what really drives sales as you interact with prospects.

  • Why ineffective, “traditional” selling processes don’t turn conversations into closing contracts.
  • How to use “pain” to save valuable time by disqualifying prospects who aren’t going to buy.
  • Why presenting features, benefits, and free consulting early in the discussion can leave the customer in control of the relationship.



Learn the secret of what really drives sales – and how to give people what they need so they want to buy from you.



Uncover what really drives sales.

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