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How to Succeed at Harnessing the Power of Behavior [Podcast]

By Sandler Training / August 30, 2019

By Sandler Training in Self Development David Mattson, President and CEO of Sandler Training and 6-Time Best-Selling Author, talks about his fifth book, Sandler Rules for Sales Leaders. The book is on sale at, as well as, the companion video course: This year, on Fridays, Dave talks about the attitude, behavior, and techniques of successful sales managers as…

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Financial Planners Change Their Behavior to Improve Results

By Sandler Training / June 17, 2019

An effective, proven, and measurable way to increase sales performance.

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Stay Motivated and Beat the Odds Through the Summer Slump

By Sandler Training / June 17, 2019

Dominate today’s market with strategies designed to drive success.

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Three Reasons to Set and Follow a Behavioral Plan

By Dave Mattson / February 19, 2019

What is the ideal mix of daily and weekly activities – the mix that best supports our income goals? We should know. If we have a personalized daily “recipe” for daily and weekly progress toward key activity benchmarks, also known as cookbook or a behavioral plan, we can identify exactly how many dials we need…

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The More You Know, The More You Sell

By Dave Mattson / November 11, 2017

One surefire way to increase your selling success—close more sales, more quickly, and more consistently—is to call on the right people for the right reason with the right product or service. That makes sense. But, for the product or service you want to sell, who are the right prospects and what are the right reasons? The right prospects are the people or companies whose wants…

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Who Are You? I Really Want to Know.

By John Fazio / September 7, 2017

The Who, one of my favorite classic rock bands but funny enough that exact question comes up a lot in my role as a Sandler trainer. Who are you? One of the first things that we do with new clients at Sandler is an online behavioral assessment. There are a few reasons for this, but…

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It’s A Sales World

By Brad McDonald / August 24, 2017

A while back I attended a one-day Prospecting Boot Camp for salespeople in the heart of downtown London. After nine days of visiting attractions abroad, I decided to let my wife do the final day by herself, so I could endeavor to learn the differences (if any) in the mindset of British salespeople from their…

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It’s Not About Presenting, It’s About Selling

By Mark McGraw / August 15, 2017

I was working with one of my clients who’s been around Sandler Trainer for over eight years when I made a comment that caused him to stop and pause. The Sandler Rule was, “The best presentation you will ever give, the prospect will never see.” I made this statement about the fact that it’s not…

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Rule #8: See People Through Their Lens

By Dave Mattson / July 19, 2017

Get The Sandler Rules for Sales Leaders in our online shop or purchase your Kindle version on Amazon. It is the definitive resource for effective sales leadership, based on the proven principles of the Sandler Selling System. Rule #8: See People through Their Lens. Use DISC to understand how you and your people see the world so that…

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Leveraging Your Territory to Its Fullest [Podcast]

By Sandler Training / June 23, 2017

In this episode of Selling the Sandler Way, Dave Mattson, the President and CEO of Sandler Training explores the Sandler Selling Philosophies behind the Sandler Selling System with Rich Isaac, a Sandler Trainer. Dave Mattson: In today’s program, we’re talking about territory management. And, if you think about it, what does that title mean? It means to…

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