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Are You Up to the Challenge of Change?

By Jonathan Farrington / January 23, 2020

Becoming a strategic and consultative Sales Superstar requires significant changes to your “world view” – how you think about yourself, and how you think about your relationships with key stakeholders. You are faced with new ways of thinking, many of which directly challenge what you have been taught and believe.

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What to Do to Stop Worrying About Your Career

By Beatrice Niklas / July 17, 2019

People have many fears. Obviously, there are natural fears which have helped us to survive as a species but let’s leave them to scientists. This time, I would like to review the work-related one: the fear of change.  There is a theory saying that the more intelligent person you are the more fears you probably…

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6 Principles of Change Management for Leaders

By Dave Mattson / August 29, 2017

Change management is the systematic approach to transitioning from one environment to another through the reassignment of resources, business processes, budget allocations, or other aspects that significantly alter a company or organization. As is the case with most major decisions in a corporation, you will be relied upon for guidance as a sales leader, and…

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