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How to Succeed at Asking for Referrals

By Sandler Training / October 14, 2019

Mike Montague interviews Carlos Garrido on How to Succeed at Asking for Referrals In this episode:
•Why do we struggle to ask for referrals?
•Attitudes to help you get business from referrals

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Client Experience Creates Competitive Advantage

By Jonathan Farrington / September 25, 2019

We’ve all read the estimates on how much more expensive it is to find new clients than it is to nurture and retain existing ones. One of the most important ways to retain clients is to view an honest understanding of their interactions with your company. What are the different touch points and how well…

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Five Ways to Improve Communication with Current Customers

By Dave Mattson / September 10, 2019

As sales professionals, we sometimes run the risk of over-focusing on the close. By that I mean we secure the first agreement to do business, but then lose track of how important it is to maintain a strong ongoing relationship with current customers – a relationship with honest, continuous two-way communication as its foundation. Here are five…

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Customer Focus Creates Competitive Advantage

By Jonathan Farrington / August 23, 2019

There is one phrase that sets top sales performers apart from the pack: customer focus. This is because outstanding sales results depend on the ability to think from the customer’s point of view, while understanding the customer’s agenda, buying cycle and best interests. Beyond a superficial reading of immediate customer needs, the very best salespeople…

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7 Must-Ask Questions to Include on Your Next Customer Feedback Survey

By Dmitry Dragilev / April 4, 2019

This articles gives you a quick overview of why customer feedback surveys matter, the top seven questions to ask, and survey best practices to get you started. Let’s state the obvious here: Your customer is your business and customer satisfaction is crucial to the success of your business. So how are you measuring customer satisfaction? If you’re like…

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How to Succeed at Creating Rapport

By Sandler Training / July 13, 2018

Sean Coyle, Sandler trainer, prospecting expert, and David H Sandler Award winner talks about how to lower defensive walls and build rapport quickly in a sales call. Learn the attitudes, behaviors, and techniques of master salespeople and prospectors who can quickly and easily build trust with their prospects. The How to Succeed Podcast is a…

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How to Succeed at Engaging with Gatekeepers

By Sandler Training / June 29, 2018

Learn how to engage and partner with gatekeepers to get to more decision-makers. Sean Coyle is Sandler’s prospecting expert and host of the online course. In this episode, Sean talks about the attitudes, behaviors, and techniques of top sellers and how they interact with gatekeepers and admins.  Enroll yourself in Sandler’s new No-Pressure Prospecting course…

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4 Tips for Building Rapport with Customers

By Mike Montague / February 13, 2018

Customer relationships are the lifeblood of any sellers’ career. The ability to attract clients, build rapport, and start sales conversations ultimately determines the level of success that a salesperson will enjoy. You can be an extreme specialist who knows all the tricks of the trade, but without supplementing your knowledge with interpersonal communication skills, you’ll…

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The Importance of Building Brick Walls Around Your Best Clients

By Jonathan Farrington / December 21, 2017

One of the most obvious reasons you should be building brick walls around your existing clients is to reduce the impact of aggressive competitor activity. While you are off flirting with seemingly more attractive and exciting new opportunities, your competitors will be targeting your “home base.” The motivation to keep your clients should be strong.…

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The Value of Communicating with Your Client as the Year Ends

By Mike Montague / December 19, 2017

The more opportunities you have to interact with your prospects, the better, and the end of the year is an opportune time to reach out and reconnect with your clients and prospects to get in front of them prior to the new year. Below, I have outlined the four main components for productive meetings and…

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