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4 Reasons Customer Service is More Important Than Ever Before

By Dave Mattson / August 1, 2017

The sales industry is fast-paced now and isn’t showing signs of slowing down. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the clutter of new selling techniques, emerging technologies, and more specialized analytics. Although those components – and some others – can play a major role in your level of success. It would be a mistake…

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Hiring Customer Service Talent? Check for a Relationship Focus

By Anne MacKeigan / October 20, 2016

Check for a customer service candidate’s overall people skills before you make any hiring decision! The very best people skills that candidates will ever employ are on display in the interview situation as they try to win a position with your company. If they don’t capture you there, do you really want them in front…

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Hiring For Customer Service Positions? Look For Goldilocks!

By Anne MacKeigan / June 30, 2016

Just like all the other areas of a company—the warehouse, the accounting department, shipping—customer care is a process. In fact, it typically involves a number of processes, such as incoming order processing, returns and re-stocking, setting up new accounts and solving customer problems. If a customer-care candidate does not already have a process orientation, it…

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How to Succeed at Customer Service

By Mike Montague / June 30, 2016

Customer service is an interesting aspect of any business. Whether you call it inside sales or customer care, your frontline employee may have the most difficult job in the company. Do you find that your most difficult customers and situations are handled by your least trained and lowest paid employees first? Have you ever cringed…

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Delivering Personalized Service For Exceptional Customer Care

By markku / April 28, 2016

I recently shared my experience at a local car dealership with a friend and raved about the excellent service I had received.  Everything was exceptional.  From the first contact with Mike, the service advisor, to make an appointment to picking up my serviced car, I felt the experience exceeded my expectations. “Did you say his…

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Hiring for Customer Service? Check for a Bias Toward Action

By Anne MacKeigan / February 18, 2016

If you want to measure productivity in your customer-care providers, measure their bias toward action before you hire. Taking action is a quality that says, “I must do something, so I’ll quickly assess the situation, decide on a path, and do something myself.” Rather than wait for the customer to call back, a bias toward…

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6 Ways to Improve Customer Service

By Dave Hiatt / April 24, 2015

You know good customer service when you experience it. It’s hard to explain at times when it’s not so great, but it’s easy to recognize when a customer service agent has gone above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied. At some point, every day, everyone is a customer. A good customer service experience is…

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Wake Up Call

By Bill Bartlett / June 30, 2010

I have been doing a lot of traveling during the last two months. In spite of Chicago’s brutal weather and some minor inconveniences, my flights and hotel reservations have gone remarkably smoothly and I have experienced a high level of customer service. I had, however, an out-of-the-ordinary encounter at my hotel last week. It was…

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Is a Good Offense Always the Best Defense?

By Dave Mattson / March 23, 2010

It’s March Madness time, which I enjoy, but not always for the same reasons my friends do. Because I’m in sales, it’s fun just to watch the teams execute their strategies and then try to figure out how these strategies apply to my own profession. And what stands out, season after season, is how predictable…

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