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10 Defining Qualities that Separate Leaders from Managers

By Dave Mattson / March 8, 2016

The words “manager” and “leader” are often used interchangeably. But there’s a difference in these two roles, as well as the workplace environments they create and the results they elicit. In today’s blog post I will talk about the 10 defining leadership qualities that separate a leader from a manager. Put these best practices to…

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How Expecting Success and Positive Thinking Can Transform Your Work Environment

By Dave Mattson / March 1, 2016

The dread of Monday morning and returning to work has become such a part of the average employee’s experience that the concept has become cliché. Working to change that seemingly universal expression of displeasure by creating a positive work environment has the power to not only improve the atmosphere, but also drive the business forward,…

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6 Ways to Make Employees Feel Appreciated

By Dave Mattson / February 23, 2016

Maybe your employees aren’t laying their heads on their desks, reading magazines during work hours, or calling in “cough cough” fake sick every Friday. Even without these obvious signs, they could still be disengaged with their jobs. According to a 2015 Gallup poll, 50.8% of U.S. employees were “not engaged” and an additional 17.2% were “actively…

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Hiring for Customer Service? Check for a Bias Toward Action

By Anne MacKeigan / February 18, 2016

If you want to measure productivity in your customer-care providers, measure their bias toward action before you hire. Taking action is a quality that says, “I must do something, so I’ll quickly assess the situation, decide on a path, and do something myself.” Rather than wait for the customer to call back, a bias toward…

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This Year, Watch the Numbers…Manage the Behavior

By Dave Mattson / January 26, 2016

Many sales managers attempt to manage their salespeople by “managing” their numbers. They track the number of opportunities in the pipeline, the number of appointments booked, the number of proposals generated, the number of presentations scheduled, and the number of sales completed; then they hold the salespeople accountable for maintaining some predetermined levels. You can track…

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Generational Differences In Managing People and How to Do It Right

By Dave Mattson / January 14, 2016

As a manager of people, you know and understand the challenge of the “new” workplace. The reality of four generations working side by side is fraught with obstacles that threaten to derail productivity and hinder progress. Before you pop another antacid and check again to see if it’s time to cut a trail home, take…

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Bah Humbug: The Secret to a Successful Holiday Season Without Burned-Out Employees

By Dave Lawrence / December 17, 2015

The holidays are a time for festive songs, exchanging presents, feasts with friends and family— and the end-of-the-year crunch at work. Given the number of distractions facing employees this time of year, combined with the stress to finish the year well at work, it is no wonder that productivity can take a plunge. Rather than…

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Your Criteria. What Should You Be Looking For and Why?

By Susan Villamena / December 15, 2015

This week’s blog is about the criteria you use to evaluate a sales candidate. As you begin to look at the right criteria, you’ll want to consider which is more important…industry experience or relevant sales experience. This is a tough one but I would encourage you to suspend your disbelief for the moment. Of course,…

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Happy Sales Team; Happy Business

By Dave Mattson / November 24, 2015

Sales managers recognize that a primary part of their jobs is to keep their sales teams productive.  But, keep them happy!  Is that really part of the job? Yes.  Salespeople may be thankful for having a good job, but happiness is another dimension of the work experience—an important and often overlooked dimension.  When jobs are scarce, people will put…

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5 Reasons Why Change Is Good for Your Sales Team

By Dave Mattson / October 12, 2015

You stand in front of your sales team and announce a shift in workplace policies, or privately mention that a client wants to go in another direction with their account. Immediately, your salespeople cringe. People that work in sales reflexively shy away from change, even if it is positive. No one wants to “rock the…

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