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The “Superhero Syndrome” that Causes Sales Managers to Fail

By Peter Oliver / July 14, 2021

Many mentors (and mentees) resist asking an all-important question about the sales leader’s role: “Where are things most likely to go wrong?” And the answer is: “Wherever people are assuming that they already have all the answers.”

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How to Succeed at Giving Good Feedback [PODCAST]

By Sandler Training / November 9, 2020

Mike Montague interviews Sharlene Douthit on How to Succeed at Giving Good Feedback.

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Executives Must Execute!

By Dave Hiatt / March 20, 2020

You are the executive, the leader of your organization. Executives make decisions all day, every day. The decisions you make affect everyone and everything in your organization.

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How to Succeed at Being an Intentional Sales Manager [Podcast]

By Sandler Training / December 2, 2019

Mike Montague interviews Pat McManamon on How to Succeed at Being an Intentional Sales Manager.

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How’s Business? Only as Good as Your People!

By Kevin Hallenbeck / July 31, 2019

In the business world it’s often been said, “Our strongest asset is our people.” But how often is it stated that they are also your greatest weakness? Every business can benefit from a reality check. If you use a systematic strategy for developing the people in your key roles, that reality will likely reveal the…

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Leaders: Why You Need a Common Sales Language and a Common Process

By Dave Mattson / June 18, 2019

If you are a leader in your organization, it’s a pretty good bet that you count on the members of, say, your accounting team to use the same terms and the same methodologies when they are collaborating to complete their work. For instance: You assume that when one person on the accounting team refers to…

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Key to Success: Conflict Resolution…Sandler Style

By Tim Goering / July 12, 2018

Recently, I’ve done a lot of talks on conflict resolution the Sandler way, which I consider the cornerstone of personal and organizational success. I’ve received many requests from audience members asking me to summarize the talks in written form. With those requests in mind, here are nine points to consider when you find yourself facing…

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Sales Managers: Are You a Primary Arsonist?

By Hamish Knox / April 26, 2018

Some managers start looking for fires to start with their team, so that they can swoop in to the rescue. They have no time to set up a meaningful accountability program, they’ll say, because they have too many (self-started) fires to fight. Most of the leaders I work with are dubious at first that they…

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How to Succeed at Interviewing Your Next Hire

By Sandler Training / February 26, 2018

Eric Warner, Sandler trainer from Boston, talks about the attitude, behavior, and technique needed to properly execute a job interview. Whether your next hire is this week or later this year, learn how to prepare for and execute a job interview that results in a successful new hire. The How to Succeed Podcast is a…

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5 Ways to Avoid Workplace Politics & Build Team Rapport

By Sandler Training / October 4, 2016

Competition has definitely been attributed as one of the primary reasons American business has been so successful. No surprise then, the American workplace is also competitive as well. Unfortunately, a side effect of competition is the nature of office politics, particularly when competition is not just based on performance. When networking, familiarity, friendships, and relationships…

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