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The Power of the Playbook

By Dave Mattson / April 30, 2021

Create and circulate a documented playbook of best practices for anything and everything that occurs on an ongoing basis.

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Selling the Sandler Way: Turn Strategies Into a Play Book [Podcast]

By Sandler Training / May 9, 2019

Welcome to Selling the Sandler Way podcast. Hosts from Sandler Training will discuss impactful information about trending topics and strategic selling. The Selling the Sandler Way Podcast is brought to you by Sandler Training, the worldwide leader in sales, management, and customer service training. For more information, visit Selling the Sandler Way – On this…

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Rule #22: People Don’t Argue With Their Own Data

By Dave Mattson / September 6, 2017

Rule number 22. Hey, people don’t argue with their own data. Use self-discovery to break through performance barriers. I learned this a long time ago. People remember 20% of what they see, 30% of what they hear, but 90% of what they say and do. Think about that for a second. That’s true in your…

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Three Simple Steps That Will Keep Your Team Aligned with Your Company’s Big 2017 Goals

By Dave Mattson / December 6, 2016

Leaders need to be involved in both strategic planning and team goal setting, but there’s a built-in problem here. Teams often tend to focus on immediate tasks, on “putting out fires,” and on familiar routines rather than the strategically vital organizational targets we set for the coming year. Left to their own devices, many teams…

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Do You Improve or Impede Your Sales Team’s Productivity?

By Dave Mattson / April 25, 2016

Some managers attempt to “manage” all aspects of their salespeople’s activities.  When a salesperson senses that someone is looking over his shoulder, he’s right—it’s the sales manager about to ask for a pipeline report, opportunity update, or sales forecast.  Something he does much too frequently. At the other end of the spectrum, there are managers…

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Three Things the Final Four Can Teach Us About Management

By Dave Mattson / March 31, 2016

Management success lies in being able to pull your employees together so that they work as members of a seamless, successful, powerful team that is more than the sum of its parts. It means that each member is able to rely on others’ support and skill sets without feeling as though the give-and-take inherent in…

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