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Why Motivation is So Hard

By Mike Crandall / August 31, 2017

Let’s face it motivation, or motivating others is hard, especially if they are employees of yours. One of the most common things I hear from business leaders is “our people just need to be motivated.” Now, in all honesty, this may be a true statement. However, even if it is, this is only a tiny…

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The 5 To’s of Motivation

By Mike Crandall / July 20, 2017

As a professional speaker one of the most common requests I get is to come in and speak to “get our people motivated” – although this sounds easy, it is not. Most organizations that make this request, we find out, have hired other “motivational speakers” before and it either did not work; or, if it…

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Motivation is for Amateurs

By Mark McGraw / May 2, 2017

I’m often asked by managers, “How do I motivate my people?” While I always appreciate the question, it’s the wrong question to ask. The reason being is that if we must motivate our people as managers, we’re working too hard. The reality is that the best people don’t need motivation. Inspiration yes, but not motivation.…

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