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ACTivation Nation – Always be Onboarding [PODCAST]

By Matt Benelli / December 14, 2020

Gop Rao, the Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer of MindTickle joins the ACTivation Nation Podcast with the show’s host, Matt Benelli, to share more on the golden rule to always be on-boarding and the power in gamification of training and operations.

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How to Succeed at Onboarding New Salespeople

How to Succeed at Onboarding New Salespeople [Podcast]

By Sandler Training / November 15, 2019

David Mattson, President and CEO of Sandler Training and 6-Time Best-Selling Author, talks about his fifth book, Sandler Rules for Sales Leaders. The book is on sale at, as well as, the companion video course: This year, on Fridays, Dave talks about the attitude, behavior, and techniques of successful sales managers as he shares his…

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How to Succeed at Building a Modern Training Program [Podcast]

By Sandler Training / June 10, 2019

Wendy Gates Corbet, President of Refresher Training, speaker, and former global board member of ATD (Association for Talent Development), shows you how to succeed with the attitudes, behaviors, and techniques needed to be more successful at creating and delivering training programs in your organization. Get the best practices for training collected from around the world. Find…

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Hiring & Onboarding Salespeople, with Karl Graf

By Sandler Training / January 17, 2019

Karl Graf, long-time Sandler trainer from Dallas, joins us to talk about how to hire and onboard top performing salespeople. Learn what to look for in new hires and how to outline an effective onboarding plan.

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Do's and Don’ts of Onboarding Your New Hires

Do’s and Don’ts of Onboarding Your New Hires

By Brian Sullivan / March 17, 2016

Recruiters and managers know how difficult it can be to fill an open position with a good hire. A variety of obstacles conspire to make finding the right person seem like searching for a diamond in a big pile of rocks. Once you find that perfect hire, get them off on the right foot by…

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Why your onboarding is contributing to your turnover

Why your onboarding is contributing to your turnover

By Hamish Knox / February 26, 2013

It’s estimated that the cost of recruiting, interviewing, hiring and onboarding a new salesperson costs a company between $75,000 and $300,000 per rep. Unfortunately for most companies, their onboarding program contributes directly to those new reps leaving. Let’s pretend we’re watching a newly hired rep; we’ll call him Greg. Greg was highly successful with his last company…

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