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5 Ways You Will Sabotage Selling Opportunities

By Dave Mattson / March 15, 2016

1. You will fail to establish credibility during the initial phone call or meeting. The primary questions looming in the minds of prospects when they first talk with salespeople are, “What do you know about my company?” and “What do you know about my industry?” If, in the first few minutes of conversation, you don’t…

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How to Build a Sales Plan that Withstands Summer Sales Slumps

By Dave Mattson / August 3, 2015

The infamous summer sales slump may be in full swing in your business, but it’s time to turn things around. By rethinking your summer sales plan, you can use a slower market to your advantage. Follow our guide to building a sales plan that withstands summer slumps and turn these notoriously slow months into productive and profitable…

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Get Your Prospecting Activities to Pay Compound Interest

By Hamish Knox / August 8, 2011

Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity was, “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” That’s also the literal meaning of Sandler Rule #9, “every unsuccessful prospecting call earns compound interest.” In sales, we take for granted that we will fail more often than we succeed. So on the surface David Sandler’s rule…

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Why Do People Have a Hard Time with the Word “No”?

By Sandler Training / December 9, 2010

You may not recall the first time you heard the word NO; however, that first time and the many times you heard it after all happened when you were a toddler. You continued to hear the word NO through your childhood years and eventually, it became ingrained in your psyche. Let’s fast forward to you…

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Want to Stand Out in Sales? Work on Your 30-second Pain Pitch

By Jim Dunn / December 6, 2010

Why should we buy from you? What makes you different than my current _______? Why should I invite you in to see me? We are already doing business with you so why should we look at this new product /service? Sound familiar? A bit tired of hearing this? Get used to it. This is simply…

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