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Reconstructing the Pieces Of The Sales Puzzle

By Jonathan Farrington / August 23, 2019

I first began to recognise the need to be able to benchmark sales performance more objectively and more rigorously over thirty- five years ago. The motivation to do this was strong, because I knew I was wasting thousands – if not hundreds of thousands – of pounds on sales skills training programmes which were not…

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11 Advantages of a Selling Career

By Brad McDonald / September 29, 2017

Rodney Dangerfield built his comic career on a signature tagline: “I get no respect.”  Unfortunately, there are far too many salespeople who suffer from the Dangerfield syndrome – either they feel they get no respect or, worse, they act that way.  They walk around with sullen expressions and a woe-is-me outlook.  They are selling sympathy…

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5 Simple Tasks to Improve Your Daily Efficiency

By Mike Montague / August 15, 2017

Day in and day out, sellers are inundated with sales tips, new technologies, and industry updates. It’s easy to get caught up in the newest trends and forget about the basics. Today, I’ve outlined five simple tasks that salespeople can perform to improve their daily efficiency and make them more effective. Clarify your vision or…

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