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‘Know Thyself’ to success!

By Markku Kauppinen / February 12, 2021

Who do we need to hire as a new employee…or better yet, when we hire new employees, how do we best develop them? How do we best lead them?

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Building A High-Performance Sales Team

By Damon Jones / February 5, 2021

Ask any sales leader whether they want to build a high-performing team, and the immediate answer will be “Yes.” But what are the specific best practices that support this goal? Here are three that we have seen in organizations that are thriving in 2021.

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How to Succeed at Neuro-Selling [PODCAST]

By Sandler Training / February 1, 2021

Mike Montague interviews James Abraham on How to Succeed at Neuro Selling.

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Building and Supporting the Right Support Team for E-Commerce Sales

By Rob Fishman / November 14, 2020

Congratulations. You’ve put in all kinds of hard work, and you’ve finally created a great e-commerce offering.

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Grow the Sales Division – By Improving Your Talent Pipeline

By Colum Lundt / November 6, 2020

Quick quiz for sales leaders: Over the past three working days, how many total hours did you devote to expanding your pipeline of qualified sales applicants?

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Why Frontline Managers Should be the Stars of Your Sales Enablement Strategy: Top Five Takeaways

By Sandler Training / October 29, 2020

Astute organizations realize that just as important, if not more, is the notion of Sales Manager Enablement. This includes providing frontline managers with the tools, training and technology they need to elevate the skills and stature of their sales team.

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Success Never Permeates Upwards!

By Jonathan Farrington / October 29, 2020

During one of my senior management coaching sessions last week, I posed the question: “So just what is it that makes a company successful?”
I had the group whiteboard the exercise and brainstorm around it with some interesting results. For example:
Unsurprisingly, the finance orientated managers talked about healthy cash flow; strong financial foundations; low debtor days; controlled stock levels and robust management reporting systems.

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How Can Teams Finish 2020 Strong…and Set a Foundation for a Great 2020?

By Dave Mattson / October 28, 2020

You probably don’t need me to tell you that 2020 has been a year like no other. Let’s be honest: there were (and are) no playbooks for magically reversing what’s happened in the marketplace during this historically tumultuous period.

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The Fine Art of Intuitive Management

By Jonathan Farrington / September 15, 2020

As a young man obsessed with driving rapid sports cars (often far too rapidly,) I considered myself extremely fortunate to have my very own mechanic who would regularly tune my latest “beasts” to perfection. He was a genius, and to watch him go about his work – which was his obsession – was an honor and a privilege. He rarely lifted the hood (bonnet) until he was ready to perform his magic, but rather he just listened – not unlike the way a master piano-tuner listens. He was using his well-trained ear to identify the slightest imperfection.

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The Present Is Understandably Occupying Most of Our Thoughts, But …

By Jonathan Farrington / September 14, 2020

As we learn to live with COVID-19, all action that sales management takes must be predicated on the necessity not only to create an effective management relationship, but also to maintain it.

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