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How To Succeed at Selling Girl Scout Cookies [Podcast]

By Sandler Training / May 29, 2017

Subscribe on iTunes or Google Play. Katie Francis, the national record holder for most Girl Scout cookies sold in one year and most lifetime cookies sold, joins us for a special conversation about sales and entrepreneurship. Katie talks about her attitude, behaviors, and techniques for selling over 100,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Learn more about Katie at Learn…

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Stop Handling Objections and Start Preventing Them!

By Joe Ippolito / March 30, 2017

In working with thousands of salespeople and sales managers, a consistent area of concern they have is to improve on their stall and objection handling skills. When prospects say things like “we’re not quite ready,” “your price is too high,” “were staying where we are,” “you do the same thing my current supplier does,” I…

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Eliminate Your Prospect’s Fears

By Brad McDonald / January 19, 2017

Are you capable of making one single positive change to your selling behavior? When you last went shopping for a big-ticket item, were you a bit nervous, did you have any concerns? Probably so. We usually worry, at least a little bit, that we might make a buying mistake. Am I getting the best price?…

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Utilize the Holiday Season to Build More Connections

By Sandler Training / November 21, 2016

Once Thanksgiving rolls around, many of us sales people feel fat and happy, and decide to pull off the throttle and take some down time. After all, nobody really wants to talk to sales people, make decisions, or think about expenditures. Right? Wrong! The little known secret is that the holiday season is a fantastic…

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How to Use Mobile Messaging to Increase Sales

By Alexa Lemzy / October 11, 2016

More and more, mobile is becoming the preferred device, not just for internet use but also for shopping. This year’s first quarter showed that smartphones made up 45.1% of all web-shopping traffic. Those numbers are expected to increase as businesses also increase their mobile presence, drawing more customers into buying on mobile. Reaching out to customers via…

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5 Sales Activities You Can Track in your CRM

By Pipedrive / September 15, 2016

Activities are the little but powerful gears that help you move deals forward in your sales pipeline. They represent just about any action (or set of actions) a salesperson makes in attempting to close a deal. By focusing on tracking activities in a Customer Relationship Management software, you can evaluate which things influence prospects to move forward…

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3 Types of Questions to Help You Stop Talking and Start Selling

By Dave Mattson / August 4, 2016

Too often, sales professionals make one fundamental mistake that could be costing them thousands in commissions. They believe that their job is to sell products or services to clients by explaining why their product is superior. Success in sales (and the size of your commission check), is determined not by the information you give, but…

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Close the Sale: How to Overcome Price Objection

By Dave Mattson / November 18, 2015

Imagine the following scenario.  After a few meetings with a prospect during which you examined his current situation and analyzed his needs and future goals, you developed and presented a four-step approach for what you believed to be the best fit solution to meeting his challenge.  The investment necessary to obtain and implement your solution…

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Your sales process shouldn’t end with the close.

By Brian Sullivan / October 10, 2015

If your selling process ends with a close, you’re doing it all wrong. “What!?! That makes no sense,” I can hear you saying. “Closing is the ultimate success.” All true. But you can close more (how does 80% sound?), see fewer clients and, best of all, make even fewer presentations. In the process, you’ll feel…

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How Your Junior High English Teacher Can Help You Sell More Effectively

By Hamish Knox / October 10, 2014

Think back on your sales appointments over the past two weeks. How often did you use each of the following: “is there anything…” “could you…” “would you…” “can I” “I’ll follow up on… does that work for you?” Each of those questions creates an automatic reflexive (Pavlovian) response in our prospects. The response to the…

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