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5 Essential Sales Interview Tips to Help You Close the Deal

By Dave Mattson / October 2, 2018

Hiring season is here, and it’s you’re chance to show off your skills and really shine. You may be one in a million, but you could be competing with dozens of others to secure the sales job you’ve been dreaming of. The right preparation and an idea of some of the elements that are commonly…

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Tarzan and the Elephants

By Sandler Training / December 31, 2012

My Mom was a funny lady and during my youth, she was constantly throwing riddles at me. Some of her riddles came in pairs and the pairs typically had a point. One such pair of riddles has been a huge lesson for me as I have gone through life. Here they are. Riddle 1: What did…

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Death Trap by Happy Ears

By Sandler Training / March 5, 2012

A common death trap salespeople fall into is having “happy ears,” meaning, they tend to hear what they want to hear. In actuality, what they (salespeople) heard does not reflect the real intent of what the prospect said. Sales Tips The cure to “happy ears” is to be skeptical, yet nurturing. Your prospect says: “I…

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Video: Sandler Rule #3: No Mutual Mystification

By Sandler Training / December 13, 2010

Sales isn’t for the faint of heart. You don’t just encounter negativity on a fairly frequent basis. In many cases, it is your job to sniff it out and address it immediately. Sandler Rule #3, “No Mutual Mystification,” deals with an issue that often plagues sales professionals-“happy ears.” When a salesperson has happy ears, it…

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