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More - Better - Different

More – Better – Different

By Mike Crandall / June 6, 2017

Frequently people ask me how do I get better? How do I grow? How do I improve? Which are all good questions – and if you don’t ask yourself these questions – you should! The first step in getting better, growing, and/or improving is to figure out where you are starting. Without knowing the starting…

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Don't Equate Self-Worth with Sales Success

Don’t Equate Self-Worth with Sales Success

By Hamish Knox / January 25, 2013

David Sandler said, sales is no place to get your needs met, but too often salespeople get their needs met by eagerly jumping through the hoops their prospect puts down, not for the chance at getting an order, but because they want their prospect to like them. Salespeople mistake their prospect liking them for success…

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