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How to Succeed at Better Selling through Storytelling [PODCAST]

By Sandler Training / October 13, 2020

Mike Montague interviews John Livesay on How to Succeed at Better Selling Through Storytelling.  Find John Livesay at:   In this episode: Best attitude, behavior, and technique to succeed at better selling through storytelling Turn a case study into a case story and people will listen and remember you The key to dealing with rejection is,…

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Activity Based Planning Leads to More Consistent Results

By Jonathan Farrington / April 9, 2020

Although the debate has been raging since someone first sold something to someone else, it is my personal belief that selling is both an art and a science.

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Survey says: The hardest sell is to your boss

By Sandler Training / January 28, 2014

Sandler Training spends more than 92,000 hours per year training companies and individuals how to strengthen sales, leadership and management skills. But in addition to traditional selling, Sandler knows that selling is part of everyone’s everyday life – regardless of one’s profession. It’s true. Take a moment and think about the last 24 hours. Did you try…

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Better to Create Demand Than Fulfill Demand

By Hamish Knox / January 21, 2014

The CEO of an IT services company recently shared his belief with me that every two years for one hour, his prospects are so angry with their existing supplier that his company had a chance to take the business away from his competitor. This is not an unusual belief. He was talking about demand fulfillment,…

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Asking for a Commitment Isn’t a Hard Sell Tactic

By Hamish Knox / August 29, 2013

I read an article recently that slammed sales people for using the “hard sell” tactic of asking for a decision at the end of a presentation. To paraphrase David Sandler, don’t make presentations without a prior commitment to make a “no” or “yes” at the end of the presentation. Two valuables a sales person possesses…

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Video: Sandler Rule #25: When You Want to Know the Future, Bring It Back to the Present

By Sandler Training / September 8, 2010

“Can you get me an estimate?” “Why don’t you write up a proposal for me?” “Well, just get me an outline of your plans for us and we’ll get back to you.” Do these sound familiar? Possibly a “free consulting” nightmare that sales professionals see way too often? Well, we’ve got some bad news for…

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Video: Sandler Rule #35: If Your Competition Is Doing It, Stop Doing It Right Away

By Sandler Training / August 12, 2010

If you simply differentiate yourself as saying you’re “the best” sales professional out there, then you can look forward to clients and prospects who will wander around to see if one of the millions of other “bests” out there are cheaper. This rule is simple. See what your competition does, and then make sure that…

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A Simple Trust-Building System That Works Every Time

By Will Crist / June 10, 2010

The other day, people in the training center were discussing how they go about building trust. The group shared lots of ideas, and every idea they shared would probably do the trick. When all was said and done, we had a list of about twenty things people could do to build trust. Over time, doing…

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That Ice-Cream Truck Music…

By Tim Roberts / April 29, 2010

Recently, I found myself absorbed with the notion of influence. I wondered aloud who the great influencers of our time are, then wondered further how each had reached their influential positions. A voice in the room, that of a top trusted advisor, shot back, “The number-one salesman in the world is a kid who wants…

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Presidents Talk to Presidents: Shorten Your Selling Cycle with EBS

By Tim Roberts / April 20, 2010

“Equal business stature, that’s all I want–to be treated as an equal. I have earned that right. Yet to a gatekeeper or prospect, I am the lowest form of humanity.” So lamented a friend of mine over a recent lunch of burgers, fries and a heaping plate of frustrated sales efforts. As a sales trainer,…

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