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How to Profit from Unsuccessful Sales Calls

By Dave Mattson / May 8, 2017

Planning on an economic rebound, companies in the U.S. and Canada are beginning to up their investments in new product and service introductions, according to a PricewaterhouseCoopers survey released in August. Businesses are also investing more in information technology and in marketing and sales promotion – That’s encouraging, especially since it should mean more purchases of…

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Systems & Processes- Drive Revenue (Part 2)

Systems & Processes: Drive Revenue (Part 2)

By Patrick Caroll / September 16, 2013

Companies have a systematic approach to complete almost every task; from the production line to accounting and payroll. Companies rely on clearly defined ways to get the job done effectively and efficiently. There are some areas of organizations that are commonly left to play by their own rules; like the sales and business development departments.…

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Systems & Processes- Drive Professionals (Part 1)

Systems & Processes: Drive Professionals (Part 1)

By Patrick Caroll / September 3, 2013

Imagine if there was no order. No procedures, no systems, no processes and no checks and balances. Chaos!? More than likely. People would be playing by their own rules and would be unpredictable at best. Without systems and processes we would be flying by the seat of our pants, with no clue as to what’s…

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Sandler Training is your GPS for Sales Success

Sandler Training is your GPS for Sales Success

By Mike Montague / June 18, 2013

A recent study by the Aberdeen Group showed that Best-In-Class companies, who used Sandler Training, had almost 50% more salespeople hitting quota than those companies who did not. When I meet with owners, CEOs, and sales managers, they often ask me why Sandler Training is different from the sales training they have seen or invested…

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The key to success in sales- an agenda

The key to success in sales: an agenda

By Sandler Training / February 25, 2013

Your meeting date and time has been established.  You’re confident your product or service is superior to your competitors.  Your goal for the meeting is to convince the prospect. You’ve planned to be there for 45 minutes. The prospect checks their calendar and realizes a few minutes before that, they’ve scheduled a meeting with some salesperson and they’re…

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Video: Sandler Rule #41: There Are No Bad Prospects, Only Bad Salespeople

By Sandler Training / August 9, 2010

Sandler Training’s Jody Williamson explains Sandler Rule #41: “There Are No Bad Prospects, Only Bad Salespeople.” Sure, it’s easy to externalize your problems if things aren’t going well. “The economy,” “they don’t know what they want” and “they just buy on price” seem to be repeat offenders in the sales world. Remember: as a salesperson,…

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The Changing Face of Training

By Bill Bartlett / June 8, 2010

Today’s business is focusing on something that champion athletes have always known: the right combination of training and coaching will help achieve greatness. It’s not enough to have a superior product or service. You must have the skills to get that message across to your prospects. Training imparts the knowledge critical for success in today’s…

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In Sales, Winners Keep Score

By Will Crist / June 2, 2010

Last week, my clients and I were talking about how to respond to adversity. If you made it through that message and you still have your head up high and your eyes forward, you might be asking the question: “What do I do now?” When we say something like: “There are people who say there…

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Stop Cold Calling!

By Sandler Training / May 15, 2010

There are a lot of good reasons to pick up the phone and reach out to new prospective customers. When it comes to finding new business opportunities, the phone offers a high level of efficiency, is relatively inexpensive, and is a great way to gather valuable information that can help us find business. However, cold…

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Selling With Sandler, Not Selling by Accident

By Sandler Training / May 10, 2010

Twenty years ago, when I was a young salesperson just starting out, I was fortunate enough to get sent to quite a bit of sales training. All of the training programs seemed to center around the “Three Big Steps to Selling.” The “Three Big Steps to Selling” are: Prospecting Presenting Closing In the presentation step,…

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