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Small Business Big Sales

By Sandler Training / May 28, 2020

Prepare you and your team for business success during this time of unrest and in the recovery.

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5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

By Mike Montague / October 10, 2017

When you’re growing a small business, it’s important to put an emphasis on best utilizing the tools at your disposal. Regardless of your industry or experience, one of those tools should be social media. While there are endless uses for social media and I have previously discussed social selling tactics, below I have identified five tips…

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6 Networking Tips that Can Grow Your Small Business

By Mike Montague / September 19, 2017

The challenge of consistent growth is ever-present for small businesses. It’s difficult for all organizations, but especially for businesses that don’t have as many resources to devote to growth. For this reason, whenever you can develop or implement habits to improve your new business growth, you should do so. Below are six methods that you can…

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5 Things You’re Focusing Too Much Time on that Could Affect Business Growth

By Dave Mattson / August 9, 2016

Giving sales-related tasks their due diligence is part of growing your business. As business growth occurs, you have to divide your time amongst more tasks, more clients, more sales team members…you can see where this is going. The busier you get, the easier it is to fall into the trap of ‘busy work,’ or tasks…

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I Hired Experienced Sales People, So My Job Is Done. Right?

By Sandler Training / March 29, 2010

Small business owners tend to stay small because they do not install systems and processes into their business. Most owners want to hire “experienced” sales people. The mentality is to hire someone, teach them about their products and services, then expect the person to “go sell”. What’s the problem? If we hire experienced sales people,…

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