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Will Sales Transformation of the Future be Virtual or Face-to-Face?

By Alex Kirby / June 2, 2021

Enterprise sales transformations typically involve a multi-year plan to improve the people, processes, and technologies of the entire sales organization.

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KARE: The Go-To Planning Tool For Q4

By Sandler Training / October 28, 2020

Whether you are a sales leader responsible for an entire team’s performance or a single salesperson looking to hit your income target, Sandler’s KARE tool is a simple, powerful resource well worth spending some time with in Q4.

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Prepping Your Team for Change in 2019

By Dave Mattson / October 23, 2018

January is coming. As a leader, this may mean the implementation of strategically necessary change initiatives that affect the sales team in 2019, such as the restructuring of territories or the revision of the team comp plan. Technically, of course, there’s no reason these big changes couldn’t be rolled out in Q4 rather than Q1…

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Pre-Call Planning [PODCAST]

By Sandler Training / December 22, 2017

Welcome to Selling the Sandler Way, with your host Dave Mattson, the president and CEO of Sandler Training. He is a five-time bestselling author, speaker, trainer, and consultant to hundreds of international organizations. In this show, he talks to other Sandler trainers about the Sandler selling system. The Selling the Sandler Way Podcast is brought…

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Act Now, Gain More in Q4

By Dave Mattson / February 7, 2017

You’ve thought it out, gotten motivated and set a lofty goal for your sales and performance this year – so you are all set, right? Not so fast; setting the goals is just the beginning. Careful planning now can help you beat the odds when it comes to your sales goals and ensure you have…

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Will Your Strategic Plan Become a Strategic Failure?

By Dave Mattson / February 25, 2016

As the first quarter comes to an end, it’s appropriate to review your department goals and measure your progress. Will your sales team hit the quarterly benchmarks for your department’s strategic initiatives? Have they made significant headway? Or, have they fallen behind already? Many companies invest a significant amount of time and energy developing their…

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