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The Key to Retail Nurturing: Follow the Buyer’s Pendulum

By Rob Fishman / March 12, 2020

The real question here is how an effective retail salesperson can have better conversations while reducing pressure. How do we make that happen in retail?

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How to Succeed at Finding Pain (Why People Buy) [PODCAST]

By Sandler Training / October 2, 2017

Greg Nanigian, Sandler trainer from Boston and new author of Why People Buy, joins us to talk about the best practices for uncovering Pain. You will learn how to discover why people buy and what to do about it. Greg shares how to start sales conversations that close deals and how to uncover the emotional reasons people buy…

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Top 6 Takeaways from Why People Buy

By Sandler Training / September 26, 2017

Greg Nanigian, Sandler Trainer and Author, wrote his first book, Why People Buy. It’s a must-read for any sales professional in your organization who isn’t in control of the customers’ buying process, is unsure of what motivates clients and prospects, or needs to enhance their chances of closing the deal. Below are six actionable takeaways from…

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