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Gong + Sandler

Level up your team’s sales skills.

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Your secret to sales success.

Are you looking to build repeatable and scalable system for the growth of your sales organization? Sandler + Gong ensure that your team has the sales skills they need to win, and the analytics to measure their development.

With Gong you can answer questions like…
  • Are my reps putting the Sandler methodology into action?

  • Which reps need additional Sandler coaching?


Jim McInerny

“We chose Sandler to enable our team with sales fundamentals and advanced skills. With Gong, we were able to granularly track sales rep adherence to Sandler’s methodology and measure the effectivieness of the program overall. Since the new model has been in place, we have had two of the best quarters in the company’s history.”

Track the adoption of Sandler training and  reinforce Sandler techniques when needed. 

Gong uses AI to deliver the insights and analytics that you need to monitor the adoption of Sandler techniques and measure the impact of Sandler on your organization.

How it works…

Gong captures and understands your sales conversations so you can coach based on the reality of your customer conversations instead of opinions.

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