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My Sandler

Breakthrough Technology for Voice and Mobile

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“Alexa, can you help me empower my sales team to succeed?”

The answer is now YES! Sandler has teamed with cutting-edge artificial intelligence and voice-control programmers to develop the world’s first voice-activated sales and leadership training app.

Just say, “Enable My Sandler” on any Alexa-enabled device or download the mobile app from the Apple or Android app stores. Are you and your sales team:

  • Struggling to share knowledge and best practices across a geographically distributed team?
  • Worried about too many hassles and passwords to get valuable sales and leadership learning and development content?
  • Always looking for more current and relevant sales and sales management content to power your personal and organizational growth?

Revolutionary, Voice-Activated Training for Remote/On-The-Go Teams

Get thousands of Sandler audio assets for sales, leadership, and customer success through any Alexa, Apple, or Android device for mobile, hands-free access!

The My Sandler app and voice-activated Alexa skill allows you to:

  • Learn Sandler as you travel, workout, or enjoy a mealLearn when and where you want while working independently with the power of your voice.

  • Just say the word to personalize your learning pathLearn what YOU want through a variety of on-demand topics by asking Alexa to search for it!
  • Increase your skills and learning retentionLearn how you want by listening to on-demand podcasts on over 1,500 topics.

Get Access to My Sandler

You can download the My Sandler app from the Android or Apple app stores, or you can just ask Alexa to “Enable My Sandler.”

Get Access to My Sandler

Top Performers Leverage My Sandler Daily!

Imagine having access to the collective knowledge of over 50 years studying business development by over a thousand trainers, a million salespeople, and thousands of leaders. You will have instant, searchable access to proven strategies, tactics, and tools to help you solve your toughest challenges.

  • Individual AccountabilityThe learner controls when, where, what and how they learn. That means you control how thorough you want to be on a topic or how fast you learn it, as well as whether you learn via audio, video, or text.

  • Compressed Time-To-ProfitabilitySave time by accessing the learning that is most impactful to results and relevant to your situation. Just-in-time learning allows you to get what you need to succeed, immediately, and on your terms.

  • Calendar Integrations and ReportingWith My Sandler enterprise accounts, leaders can easily benchmark top performers, create custom playlists for teams, and integrate CRM systems or other calendars.

Voice–Activated Audio Collection

Listen to over 1,500 course audios and podcasts, find definitions to Sandler terms, learn about the Sandler Sales Methodology, and much more.

  • Online Sales and Leadership CoursesTitles in the current audio library include:

  • How to Succeed Podcast
  • The 49 Rules for Sales Leaders
  • Sandler Foundations
  • Sandler Sales Mastery
  • SMS Management
  • Sandler Sales Resources
  • Sandler Enterprise Selling
  • Negotiating Mastery
  • The Sales Coach’s Playbook
  • Things to TryAfter asking “Alexa, open My Sandler,” you can issue voice commands such as:

  • Start Tutorial
  • What can I search for?
  • What is the Sandler Sales Process?
  • Define PSD
  • Search for Negative Reverse Selling
  • Search for Rule 2 in 49 Rules for Sales Leaders
  • Search Podcasts for Social Selling
  • Search podcasts for Success by David Mattson
  • Get Competitive Advantage
Access the “Things to Try” document here

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