Customer Success Engagement & Support Tools

Evolve Your Most Powerful Assets into Confident, Consultative Advisors Who Can Identify Hidden Opportunities and Convert Them into Ongoing Revenue, Client Growth, and Retention
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68% of new revenue comes from existing accounts (Gainsight)
Communicating effectively with your most valuable clients and prospects is paramount to the success of your business.

Transform Your Customer Success and Service Teams

Does your team struggle with:

  • Having conversations at the C level – focus on business outcomes and ROI
  • Providing too much “free consulting” without upselling or cross-selling?
  • Failing to ask the right questions to diagnose the client’s needs or appropriate solutions?
  • Missing the sales or communications skills to deal with the difficult task of customer service and growing key accounts
  • Renewals – overcoming price objections, dealing with pushback, talking about value versus price

Customer Success Skills Training

 Designed to help customer success professionals:

  • Develop the techniques and tactics to navigate questions and objections more effectively.
  • Develop a Mental Framework for Success
  • Elevate the Customer Success Manager’s Status into C-Suite
  • Find the Real Meaning in a Client’s Request
  • Manage Relationships and Communications Effectively
  • Lead Productive Conversations

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Customer Success Solutions for Customer Engagement and Support

Sandler® helps elevate the stature of sales by helping salespeople and leaders master their craft.


Customer Success Series

A predictable and logical retention, cross-selling, and up-selling plan that delivers a comprehensive set of skills, strategies, and mindsets.


Strategic Customer Care 

Learn how to build strong customer relationships, uncover upselling and cross-selling opportunities, deal with difficult people, and establish loyalty while delivering exceptional client experiences.


Dealing with Difficult People/Situations

Use proven Sandler techniques to prevent conflicts, and how we can fix both the problem and the upset customer while focusing on the psychology of how people respond in difficult situations, and how to manage them more effectively.
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Supportive Mindset and Beliefs

More Than Just Skills Training

Identify Beliefs

Identify the self-limiting beliefs that contribute to a less confident and positive mindset
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Unlock Yourself

Unlock your ability to provide a customer with the best possible service experience
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Be Positive

Identify subconscious beliefs and reframe to be more positive and productive.
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Confident Mindset

Gain a healthy mindset of equal business stature and gain the confidence to be true advisors and problem solvers with their customers.
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Elevate Customer Success Status

Our training programs will help to develop your mental framework for success.

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