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• Achieve work/life balance
• Earn the money you deserve
• Make a difference in the lives of your clients!
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The Sandler® Business Model and Key Revenue Sources
  • Sales Training

    The “growth engine” for your business, provides sales professionals in small- to mid-size sales organizations with training that lasts between 12 and 24 months.
  • Private Training On-Site

    Offered on a monthly retainer basis to provide you with predictable income and make the training investment more manageable for your client.
  • Leadership Training

    Arms emerging leaders with new ways to meet the challenges of advanced responsibilities and build more unified and productive teams.
  • Management Training

    Helps sales managers and general managers develop the skills they need to shape productive behavior, cooperation, collaboration and accountability.
  • Customer Service Training

    For a client’s team members who serve customer needs, deal with difficulties and solve problems as part of their jobs.
  • Executive Coaching

    Helps sales representatives, sales managers and selling teams succeed by using Sandler’s highly systematic approach to winning accounts.
  • Corporate Training

    Provides training in servicing large, multinational corporations with multiple locations.
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The Ideal Candidate

Choose to join Sandler and you will be at the forefront of a business niche that is growing exponentially

If these characteristics fit you, it’s time to take the next step:

  • I have a passion for sales and business development.
  • I love to train, coach and mentor others.
  • The corporate rat race is no longer satisfying to me.
  • I want to spend more time with my family.
  • I want to control my income.
  • I want to control my future.
  • I have a net worth of $250,000 (The franchise US fee is $49,000)

Steps to Become a Sandler Franchise Owner

Initial Phone Call

Have an initial phone call with the Director of Franchise Development for preliminary information and questions.

Brochure and Franchise Call or Visit

Review the Sandler Franchising Brochure and have the opportunity to call or visit other Sandler Franchise owners.

Submit Application

Complete and submit our confidential application to see if you qualify.

Receive the FDD

You will receive a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document to review.

Discovery Day

Meet our CEO, David Mattson and other business units for Discovery Day at Sandler's Corporate Office in Owings Mills, Maryland

Send Paperwork, Agreement and Payment

Send a copy of your incorporation documents, your signed Franchise Agreement and submit payment for your initial franchise fee.

How Sandler supports you throughout the process:

Held at the Sandler Corporate Headquarters in Owings Mills, Maryland five times per year, we use our Initial Training program to help get our franchisees off to a quick start.
Each franchisee is assigned a personal business coach. Your coach will have decades of experience in sales, leadership, training, and in many cases, were successful Sandler franchisees themselves. The coaches will help you personalize and internalize the Sandler concepts and business model so you can learn to practice what we preach.
Twice a year in Baltimore, we gather hundreds of Sandler trainers from around the world to share best practices, announce new products and services, and network with each other to build our businesses. Also, once a year in Orlando, we convene with our clients at the world-class Sandler Summit event.
Your franchise comes with a customizable website template and the marketing support you need to help you generate leads, close prospects, and retain your client base. The National Branding Campaign is a pooled resource for the national promotion of the Sandler brand, public relations, and strategic advertising initiatives. We provide sales and marketing materials, marketing boot camps, social media calendars, and other marketing content assets such as blogs, podcasts, webinars, videos, newsletters, and books.
Held bi-weekly on Mondays and Thursdays, the Sandler coaches lead a best practice discussion for the franchisees. Mondays are beginner-level topics, and Thursdays are advanced sessions. Both are designed to cover Sandler material as well as important business skills, strategies, and tactics.
Our Learning Management System (LMS), known as Sandler Online, houses thousands of additional assets to help you and your clients. Our trainer toolbox includes PowerPoints, Leader’s Guides, and worksheets for training sessions. You can view online courses, search resource libraries, create your talk tracks in a Virtual Playbook, and scour the archives from David Sandler himself as well as past internal conferences.
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We are an Award-Winning Franchise System

Sandler is regularly recognized as one of the top franchises, top training companies, and most effective training solutions in the world.

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I'm inspired every day

Alana shares her love for the Sandler Network, noting that what she loves about the business is that she's able to create balance as a mother, wife, and business owner. There are no better role models than what she's experienced at Sandler. The power of the network is fueled by passion and support of hundreds of other business owners. Alana shares how she is inspired every day.

Sandler-trained salespeople  close more sales, more profitably, and consistently than any other training.

Jeff Pankoff,
Minneapolis, MN
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Jeff Pankoff giving a testimonial

What I thought I bought was a simple sales training business for a one-man show. It has turned into a business that has affected hundreds and thousands of lives.

John Rosso,
Pittsburg, PA
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Companies are realizing that they have to be better. They have to invest in their people if they’re going to have exponential growth.
Dan & Lisa Nausley,
Chattanooga, TN
Dan and Lisa Nausley giving a testimonial

I am very, very proud to be part of what I consider to be the #1 selling organization in the world today.

Lorraine Ferguson,
Albany, NY
Lorraine Ferguson giving a testimonial

Sandler gives us outstanding support: website tools, search engine optimization tools, email marketing and ways for me to brand my business in my local market.

Mark McGraw,
Alpharetta, GA

The recurring revenue model, the depth and expertise, the years that Sandler’s been at this, the quality of the materials makes this THE best choice, period.

Matt Neuberger,
Baltimore, MD

As I look back on my almost 20 years of business experience, my decision to buy a Sandler franchise is clearly the best decision I’ve made.

Andrew Wall,
Milton, ON
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Andrew Wall giving a testimonial

I got tired of Corporate America and the rat race. Sandler gave me the way to have my own business but have the safety of support.

Jody Williamson,
Chicago, Illinois
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Jody Williamson giving a testimonial

My business investment in a Sandler franchise turned out to be a rewarding life experience.

Jorge Saunders,
Jorge Saunders giving a testimonial

I bought a life-changing business which makes business more successful and the people in the company more successful in their lives.

Vesa Pelkonen ,
View Full Testimonial

Sandler operates around the world. The same Sandler rules apply and work no matter what part of the world you are from.

Shaun Thomson,
United Kingdom
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Shaun Thomson giving a testimonial

The key reason I joined Sandler is its philosophy. Success is a key factor in our lives; attitude, behavior and techniques are part of our goals.

Andres Pupkin,
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If I returned 10 years from now, again I would prefer Sandler Training to any other franchisee options available on the market.

Alberto Lopez,
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Frequently Asked Questions about Sandler

For over 50 years, Sandler has been helping salespeople take control of the sales process, helping leaders identify and remove blind spots and bottlenecks, and helping professionals around the world level up their career.
Our training system is designed to create lasting performance improvement through reinforcement, a process designed to be ongoing to build on prior learning. Our business model around that training creates recurring revenue and additional income streams for you as the franchisee.
The franchise fee for a U.S. franchise is $49,000 USD. Franchise prospects should have a net worth of $250,000 USD.
While Sandler does not offer financing, there are a number of third-party vendors that can assist in financing your purchase of a Sandler franchise.
While we don’t publish financials in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), you can better understand the business by reading the FDD and talking with our existing franchise owners about what you can expect to make.
You don’t need training experience. Sales experience and middle/upper management skills are ideal, though.
No. As your business grows, though, you may want to add an administrative assistant. Then, as your workload increases, you may want to add sales associates as needed.
You will receive 9-10 days of Initial Training at our corporate headquarters in Owings Mills, Maryland. You will also have a coach to help you as long as you are in business.
Franchise owners typically begin their businesses within one to three months after they sign the Franchise Agreement.
Initially no, but within six months of signing the Franchise Agreement you will need to secure a suitable office space for your public training.
Yes, you can sell your business at any time, subject to the approval of the Sandler Home Office and your compliance with the applicable transfer provisions in your Franchise Agreement.
Fill out the form below and have a no-obligation call with a franchisor/brand recruitment specialist.
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