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Winning, Keeping, and Growing Enterprise Accounts
Master the Complex Sale

Win and Grow Major Accounts

Sandler Enterprise Selling provides the strategy, processes, and tools to keep sales opportunities moving forward to favorably predictable conclusions.

  • Align Sales & the Organizations
    There is a shared responsibility in building sustainable, repeatable growth. The organization must be prepared to align behind a sales opportunity in order to achieve success.
  • Transform Mindset
    The mindset and approach of the sales person must change from Transactional to Enterprise. Both the solutions and the decision making are more complex.
  • Pursue Strategic Growth
    The sales team must land in the critical path of the customer, and align with a pain, or corporate initiative, that is critically important to the organization. This takes time to uncover and longer nurture.

Top Challenges in Account Expansion


Complex B2B markets often demand enterprise-to-enterprise sales and business development strategies.

Extended Sales Cycles: When selling to enterprise clients, the sales cycle can take months and, often, years.

The cost of customer acquisition is higher, and the degree of team selling required is much more intense

Complex sales or delivery that require carefully orchestrated implementation

Sophisticated competition: Your competition for enterprise business is likely to be sophisticated, strategically focused and relentless
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Sandler Enterprise Selling Common Strategic Platform

Sandler® offers a common set of tools for progressing a sale to close, a common language to use when in the process of making that sale, and a common strategic platform to make the process scalable and repeatable - from managing the territory and accounts to driving the opportunities through the sales process.
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Sandler Enterprise Selling takes you from account planning all the way through to creating raving fans


Territory & Account Planning

In this critical stage, you begin setting a strong baseline for success through comprehensive planning.


Opportunity Identification

Next you analyze, assess and initiate interaction on your most promising opportunities with the highest probability of success.



Here you begin executing a practical plan to engage with the enterprise buyers to clarify the key opportunity parameters, which will improve and reinforce your position.


Solution Development

Now you start to craft a compelling solution directly addressing the needs and pains of the enterprise and its most influential executives.


Proposing and Advancement

It’s time to finalize and deliver your client-focused solution and act on the resulting decision to achieve advancement.


Service Delivery

With the business relationship active, service delivery — which involves coordinating team activities to maximize client satisfaction and grow the account — becomes critical.
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Our Approach Doesn’t Rely on Quick Fixes

Instead, it uses reinforcement to encourage incremental change over time to create lasting success.

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Winning and Growing Major Accounts

Winning and Growing Major Accounts

Sandler Enterprise Selling, based on the Sandler Selling System® methodology, provides a practical six-stage approach for winning business with profitable enterprise clients, serving them effectively, and expanding the relationship over time.