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Sales, leadership and customer service training for insurance & financial services professionals
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Sell more and sell more easily
Overcome the stigma of selling and develop no-pressure prospecting plans
Professional Services Industry Challenges

We Help Driven Professionals Who Are Looking To:


Get in front of and set appointments with enough of the right people.

Make connections and start more interesting sales conversations.

Close deals without discounting and sell at premium prices.

Sell more and get more warm referrals.

Who We Serve

We Help You Develop Your Industry

  • Non-selling professionals, bankers, insurance agents, and financial planners need sales skills
  • We help them develop their portfolios and grow their income and influence based on revenue generation
  • We have served sales, leadership, and customer service professionals from thousands of organizations, with millions of participants, around the world for over 50 years.
  • We have developed specialized programs and published books for this industry.

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Sandler Works in Professional Services!
  • Ideal Clients

    Find more of your ideal clients and start no-pressure conversations.
  • Build Trust

    Build trust through an open, honest exchange of information.
  • Win-Win Negotiate

    Negotiate win-win deals with mutual respect and equal business stature.
  • Sales Exceed

    Meet and exceed your sales and profitability goals!
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Selling Professional Services

  • Must-have information for law firm partners and other professional service providers.
  • “Business development,” “practice development,” “client retention‚Ķ”- no matter what you call it; you need sales skills to do it successfully!

Professional Services Training

We offer specialized programs designed to introduce, develop and master and master the best practices for business development in professional financial services.
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