The Sandler Methodology

Finding Power In Reinforcement®
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Build Better Habits

Install a “more, better, different” approach to your goals, plans, and actions.

Reinforce Positive Beliefs

Improve the way you think about yourself, your organization, and the marketplace.

Execute Innovative Strategies

Apply more effective strategies and tactics with the appropriate personal presence.
The Difference of Reinforcement

The Difference of Reinforcement

Sandler’s reinforcement training strategy includes a continuous improvement journey, which allows you to evaluate progress and recalculate your course if necessary.

We will help guide you to higher and higher levels of success.

Sandler Pioneered The Concept Of Reinforcement To:
At Sandler, we encourage you to question our beliefs and your long-held assumptions, while coming back to the trainer with victories, impending events, and problems over time.
We all know changing long-term habits is very difficult. Long-term training allows for trial and error, failure, and success. We empower participants to apply the concepts, replace non-productive habits, and build sustainable action plans which lead to sales mastery when applied consistently.
People learn by doing. You can’t learn to ride a bike by watching a YouTube video or hearing a professional cyclist give a compelling speech. Learning sales or management principles are very similar. We encourage you to practices is role plays, simulations, and other low-risk situations rather than experimenting in the field.
How to Succeed at Fund Development for Non Profits Podcast

“To get to the top of the sales profession, you’ve got to practice. Find a system and learn it. Spend enough time getting to know it, and soon you will own it. And then, even under pressure, you will deliver.”

David Sandler

Sandler Success Triangle

David Sandler identified three elements required for success in anything: behavior, attitude, and technique.
Your perception, beliefs, and outlook about yourself, your organization, and the marketplace have a huge impact on how you sell and what you are willing to do to succeed in sales.
Your goals, plans, and actions determine how often you do the right things at the right time and place. It is a result of your discipline, vitality, and guts that determine how quickly and consistently you will succeed.
Your strategies, tactics, and personal presence while executing your behaviors impact the effectiveness of those actions. It can have a dramatic effect on your overall success and affect your attitude over time. Success is the result of connecting all the points of the Success Triangle.
You Can't Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar

You Can't Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar

David Sandler learned early on that, while salespeople loved his selling system and it worked when they used it, he was having trouble getting it to stick in a seminar.

Very few times can you learn anything by hearing someone else talk about it for two days.