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Elevate The Skills And Stature Of Every Revenue Generator

Elevate The Skills And Stature Of Every Revenue Generator

  • The ability to accurately measure talent, identify skills gaps and diagnose growth opportunities gives sales leaders a holistic view to elevate the skills and stature of every revenue generator.
  • Yet, while many organizations rely on the top 20% of sellers to deliver over half of their revenue, research shows that only a quarter of those firms assess their top performers to learn why they are successful.
  • This skill gap leads to inconsistencies across the sales organization that can cost deals or sales talent and jeopardize customer relationships.
Sales Performance Transformation
Raise the skill level of your team by benchmarking and driving best practices.

Sales Performance Transformation

Sales organizations with successful talent strategies rely on Sandler to accelerate their sales performance transformation through:

  • Measurement-based Talent Selection
  • Performance Benchmarks
  • Skills Gap Assessments

With the clarity of understanding gained through the Sandler’s assessment process, you will have the data you need to design a holistic talent strategy that accelerates sales performance.

Maximize Your L&D Investments And Impact
Our practitioners with strategic and tactical expertise in hiring and building successful sales teams will help to build a roadmap that encompasses:
  • Diagnosis of Root Causes

    Diagnostic surveys, coaching sessions, and executive workshopping to map symptoms and root causes to the right solutions.
  • Learning & Development Goals

    Customized L&D goals to meet the individual strengths and weaknesses across behaviors, attitudes and techniques.
  • Leading & Lagging Indicators

    Provide accountability through performance benchmarks to measure, track, and manage your learning and development process.
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Assessments & Benchmarking Tools


Extended DISC Assessments

A suite of online DISC assessments that identify individuals’ hard-wired DISC style


Hire smarter, develop employee talent, and drive results by connecting individual competencies to the desired performance benchmarks.

Team Assessments

Understand the individual strengths and weakness of your team’s attitudes, behaviors, and techniques.
Sandler's Flexible Delivery Methods

Sandler's Flexible Delivery Methods

Sandler offers and adaptable learning journey that fits the needs of every salesperson’s busy schedule. Discover our multi-modal approach that consists of:

  • Engaging Instructor-Led Sessions
  • Self-paced Online Learning
  • Ongoing Coaching and Reinforcement

Six Signs your Learning Culture Needs a Makeover

Are you standardizing new hire on-boarding, training, and reinforcement coaching to create a learning culture with long-term results?

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