David H. Sandler

Founder & Creator of the Sandler Selling System
"Traditional selling always left me feeling that I was underpaid, overworked and worn out."
"Neither the thrill of the sale or the money made me think it was worthwhile."
David H. Sandler, Founder of Sandler Selling System
CEO & President, Sandler Training

David H. Sandler, Founder of Sandler Selling System

The year was 1966. He was in outside sales and had just gone on 87 calls and gotten 87 consecutive noes. He was fed up with the traditional enthusiastic presentations and high-pressure closing tactics. They didn’t feel right, and they certainly didn’t work.

He decided to take control of the sales call, his results, and ultimately, his career. The resulting Sandler Selling System has become the most popular, efficient, and effective way to sell.

Traditional Selling Problems


Wasting time with unqualified prospects who never bought.

Whether they didn’t need what he was selling, didn’t have the money, or couldn’t make a decision, these prospects were eating valuable selling time.

Getting used and abused by prospects fishing for unpaid consulting.

The prospects would ask a whole bunch of questions, collect prices and project scopes, and then go with someone else or fix the problem themselves.

Hearing premature noes or “I want to think it over.”

It seemed like they were always saying no too quickly and yes too slowly. That’s if they gave a decision at all, instead of just ghosting him.

A Solution is Born

  • David Sandler teamed up with a clinical psychologist and designed an approach to sales that would break the traditional stereotypes of salespeople.
  • It would focus on mutual respect, clarity, and qualifying decisions.
  • And finally, it would take the pressure off the salesperson and the prospect, so that both parties can enjoy the process!


The Sandler Selling System

Other Sales Training teaches you how to get better at playing the sales game. The Sandler Selling System has three key stages designed to prevent those games from ever being played:

1. Building and sustaining the relationship

  • You will learn how to take the lead in the buyer/seller dance, set clear expectations, and establish guidelines for the ultimate decision, all while establishing an open, honest relationship.

2. Qualifying the opportunity

  • You will learn how you, the salesperson, will determine if there is a good fit with the prospect’s needs, budget, and decision-making process and timeline.

3. Closing the sale

  • Should the prospect qualify for your solution, then you will learn how to make a no-pressure presentation, confirm the agreement, and set expectations for delivery and referrals.

Sandler Selling System
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Why Salespeople Fail... and what you can do about it.

Salespeople and their managers learn how to see sales as a system that can be mastered to take control of each call and their career.

Pioneered by David Sandler

The Concept Of Reinforcement Training


Allow participants time to shift their attitude.

At Sandler, we encourage you to question our beliefs and your long-held assumptions, while coming back to the trainer with victories, impending events, and problems over time.

Develop better habits and behaviors.

We empower participants to apply the concepts, replace non-productive habits, and build sustainable action plans which lead to sales mastery.

Provide opportunities for participants to practice techniques.

We encourage you to practices in role plays, simulations, and other low-risk situations.

David Sandler

Techniques are important, but salespeople who learn to deliver their technique with the appropriate attitude and behavior go to the bank most often.

The Sandler Success Triangle
David Sandler found that these three elements of success are linked and none of them can be eliminated.
  • Attitude

    Your perception, beliefs, and outlook about yourself, your organization, and the marketplace have a huge impact on how you sell and what you are willing to do to succeed in sales.
  • Behavior

    Your goals, plans, and actions determine you often you do the right things at the right time and place. It is a result of your discipline, vitality, and guts that determine how quickly and consistently you will succeed.
  • Technique

    Your strategies, tactics and personal presence while executing your behaviors impact the effectiveness of those actions. It can have a dramatic effect on your overall success and affect your attitude over time.

You Can't Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar

David Sandler's classic, battle-tested advice on driving personal and organizational success by breaking the rules of conventional selling.

Sales professionals and teams that follow these principles—and others outlined in the book—will transform themselves from mediocre performers into selling superstars.

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