Leadership for Organizational Excellence

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Start Your Journey to Organizational Excellence

Start Your Journey to Organizational Excellence

Sandler’s Leadership for Organizational Excellence program is the antidote to blind spots, which sets your organization on the road with eyes wide open and keeps you moving forward toward success.  

The key to overcoming these challenges is the proven leadership model of the six P’s.

The Six P's of Organizational Excellence



What are your personal priorities? Does your vision for the business support those priorities? What are your top three Key Priorities for the business?



What is the ideal organizational chart? What should the job descriptions say? What attitudes and habits do you not want in the organization?



Which current employees will fit in immediately with the strategic plan? Which current employees might fit with some development? How do you recruit, hire, and retain talented people to fill the gaps?



How should you document and formalize best practices into clear processes that people can and do follow? What processes need to be updated? What processes need to be created from scratch?



What kinds of tracking reports and dashboards should you use? How should you build performance metrics into specific job descriptions? How should you conduct performance appraisals?



What will make the journey toward excellence a way of life -- not just a short-term project? How do you sustain the energy and the drive needed to grow the business over time? How can you share your passion for what you do … so that others in the organization are motivated too?
Invest in yourself and the future success of your organization!

  • Approximately 50% of the people promoted to C-level positions of leadership within an organization perform at less-than-expected levels.
  • The cross-functional team that you enroll in Leadership for Organizational Excellence will emerge unified, collaborative, and single-minded in purpose.
  • They will achieve organizational breakthroughs that boost strategy, process and execution. 

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Sandler's Flexible Delivery Methods

Sandler's Flexible Delivery Methods

Sandler offers and adaptable learning journey that fits the needs of every salesperson’s busy schedule. Discover our multi-modal approach that consists of:

  • Engaging Instructor-Led Sessions
  • Self-paced Online Learning
  • Ongoing Coaching and Reinforcement
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Learn how Sandler® trainers go “beyond the book” and implement ground-level solutions for your sales team to improve processes, personal performance, and results.
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The Road to Excellence

  • The best-selling book by David Mattson helps you determine what, exactly, stands between your company and organizational excellence – and what you can do about it. 

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A proven survey template designed to help you identify the professional blind spots that are keeping you from taking your company into the top tier!

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