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Online Solutions

The latest technologies, applied strategically for maximum efficacy

Our suite of online diagnostic and reinforcement tools allow our clients to expand the training experience to be 24/7, thus maximizing the training investment and impact.

Online Solutions, Online Reinforcement Training

Online Reinforcement Training

You've invested in sales and management training, your team has gained invaluable insights, skills and strategies, and the numbers are starting to improve... so what happens next?

Online Solutions, CRM Reinforcement Tools

CRM Reinforcement tools

Ensure that your sales team actually applies the training strategies and tactics to the sales development of process.

Online Solutions, Assessments

Assessment Tools

Learn how to identify, find, hire and retain the best-fit candidates for your organization with our helpful hiring, and personality, and team assessment tools.

Connect sales behavior to sales results

Easy-to-use Software for Salespeople & Sales Managers

Our powerful tool operates at the level of your sales team, as an engagement-driven sales productivity platform that defines, monitors, and reports on sales behaviors and the results generated by them.

Find out about our SalesAccountability tool

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Unlock the secrets to success with Sandler’s wide array of FREE white papers developed by business experts. 

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Sandler business experts and professional trainers offer insight and tips on current sales, sales management, leadership and management topics. We invite you to comment on our posts and to pass them on to your colleagues.

Sandler Client Testimonial from Mike Philipps, Cemex

In Our Clients' Own Words

Mike Philipps, Vice President, Market Development for Cemex, U.S.

Industry: Manufacturing, Building Materials

Changing behaviors over time with ongoing reinforcement was important to Philipps. “Sandler was great about giving us ways to keep the training constantly in front of our sales team,” with everything from monthly webinars to the daily resources of Sandler Online. “All of a sudden, we started hearing words from our Sandler training used in our conversations such as ‘Up-Front Contract,’ ‘pain’ and ‘bonding and rapport.’ That’s when we knew the training was becoming part of our company’s DNA.”


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