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Sandler Enterprise Selling

A systematic approach to winning enterprise business.

Enterprise selling is to traditional selling as chess is to checkers.

Up your game when selling into the enterprise space.

In enterprise selling, the buyer network is wider, more diverse, and much more complex than in simpler, more traditional sales interactions.  

Knowledge is power. Know what you're up against with enterprise sales.

Today’s top performers are always prepared. It’s how they run the game. Review our list of challenges you’ll want to be prepared to overcome when working with Enterprise prospects and clients.

Challenges of Enterprise Selling

This sales environment is a complex interaction of people and exchange of information that results in:

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Longer selling cycles with increased direct and indirects costs in pursuing enterprise opportunities.

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More complex solutions requiring carefully orchestrated implementation.

Enterprise selling process

A high degree of team selling, highlighted by communication, collaboration and integration.

On the Buyer's Side

Many different functions influence the buying process and the ultimate decision. Understanding all of the collaborative elements and their impact on the final course of action creates a significant challenge to the sales team.

On the Seller's Side

Assembling and directing the value-based pursuit team demands significant client knowledge and organizational collaboration to maximize the likelihood of winning. 

Setting the framework for the interactions and exchanges of information between and among buyer and seller teams is critical to ensure that the right deals are pursued—and that they are ultimately won.

Sandler Enterprise Selling provides the tools to accomplish this along with the strategies and processes to keep sales opportunities moving forward to favorably predictable conclusions.

The Six Stages of Sandler Enterprise Selling

  • Stage One: Territory and Account Planning

  • Stage Two: Opportunity Identification

  • Stage Three: Qualification

  • Stage Four: Solution Development

  • Stage Five: Proposing and Advancement

  • Stage Six: Service Delivery


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Sandler Enterprise Selling, published by McGraw-Hill

Competitively pursuing large, complex accounts with multiple constituencies and decision makers is a huge challenge for sales professionals. This latest Sandler book provides a practical six-stage approach for winning business with profitable enterprise clients, serving them effectively, and expanding the relationship over time.

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In Our Client's Own Words

"I implemented Sandler at Salesforce for two reasons.

  • First, Sandler offers a proven system for maximizing the performance of individual sales reps.
  • Second, it’s a powerful management process that gives us a predictable, reliable plan for growing and developing a whole generation of consultative-selling salespeople.

At Salesforce, we invest highly in our customers and employees, and Sandler has made a huge positive impact not only on my team's bottom line but also in their ability and confidence as salespeople.  The Sandler Enterprise Selling program is a must for those who want to take their game to the next level."

Tony Rodoni,
Senior Vice President, Commercial Sales  |  SalesForce

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