Sales Development Series

Evolving behaviors, attitudes, and techniques to elevate sales performance.
Start Your Sales Transformation

Equip your sales team with:


Proven behaviors, attitudes, and techniques that significantly boost sales performance

Strategies to optimize time and opportunities, close more deals, and retain clients

Customized learning paths that fill individual skills gaps, meeting both personal and organizational objectives
Join Our Collaborative Learning Network

Join Our Collaborative Learning Network

Sandler’s Collaborative Learning is an advanced course for clients who have completed our foundational programs. Gain access to:

  • Our diverse group of top-tier sales leaders, clients, and trainers.
  • Personalized and practical strategies tailored to stay ahead of today’s market demand.
The Sales Performance Challenge

The Sales Performance Challenge

Selling is like navigating a never-ending maze.

Technological upheavals, smarter prospects and advancing competition has turned the modern market into a pressure cooker. Sales organizations must upskill and adapt or risk getting left behind in today’s selling environment.

The Sandler Solution
With 50+ years of experience in empowering organizations, we equip your team with proven behaviors, attitudes, and techniques, tested in the heat of real-world scenarios.
  • Optimize Time & Opportunities:

    Say goodbye to bloated pipelines and stalled deals. Say hello to qualified opportunities.
  • Build Trust:

    You're not just a salesperson; you're a trusted advisor with equal business stature.
  • Handle Objections & Negotiations:

    Turn ‘no’ into ‘tell me more’ by asking the right questions. Stop selling on price, features, and benefits and start discussing your unique value.
  • Seal the Deal:

    Present exactly what the buyer needs to hear to close more sales, upsell, and cross-sell efficiently.
  • Keep More Clients:

    A returning customer is the best compliment. Upsells and cross-sells are the most profitable way to grow your business.
The Sandler Solution


400 +

sales leaders in our network

500 k~

hours of training around the globe each year

50 %

more salespeople hit quotas than those without Sandler

88 %

sales people said their sales strategy improved

96 %

of clients polled would recommend Sandler

Dynamic Personalized Learning Paths

Our current library of modules solve the toughest sales challenges and helps your team develop crucial sales skills. We customize the learning paths for each individual to fill skill gaps, meeting learning and organizational goals.
The Sandler Essentials is the foundation for your journey through the Sandler Sales Development Series. It provides sales professionals with the essential mindset, actions, and tactics to evolve the way they sell by adopting the Sandler Selling System. *Certification and special enhancements for prospecting and communication skills are available!
Mastering a winning mindset in the world of sales is crucial, especially when dealing with challenges like fear, lack of organization, and burnout. This learning path addresses these issues head-on by not only conquering personal barriers to success but also elevating your sales game to new heights, transforming challenges into opportunities for success.
Building and ensuring client relationships is paramount in today’s sales landscape, where transactional ties and the risk of being perceived as mere vendors persist. This comprehensive learning path will not only help you build deeper, more valuable relationships with your clients but also position you as an invaluable partner in their success, ultimately transforming your approach to sales and boosting your business growth.
In today’s bustling business landscape, generating high-quality leads and converting them into appointments can be a daunting challenge. By engaging in this learning path, you’ll acquire the skills and strategies needed to capture attention, quickly qualify, and secure valuable appointments.
Unlock sales success with our Deeper Discovery learning path. Address issues like late-stage losses, misaligned presentations, and lengthy sales cycles by mastering the Sandler Pain Funnel, applying persona-based pain indicators, and advanced objections handling techniques. Elevate your sales game, shorten sales cycles, and enhance customer retention with this strategic program.
Navigating complex B2B sales can be daunting, with multiple stakeholders and a non-linear buying process. This learning path equips you with the strategies and tools needed to thrive in this intricate landscape. From engaging in essential investment conversations to guiding buyers through their decision journeys, we empower you to overcome these challenges and emerge as a sales champion in today’s complex marketplace.
Elevate your sales game with our Unique Value Sales learning path, designed to overcome competition, combat commoditization, and connect with ultimate decision-makers. Master four crucial modules, including Essential Investment Conversations, Business Acumen, Pain Quantification, and Executive-Level Selling. Stand out, win deals, and secure access to top-level decision-makers in the competitive sales arena.
Dynamic Personalized Learning Paths
Sandler's Flexible Delivery Methods

Sandler's Flexible Delivery Methods

Sandler offers and adaptable learning journey that fits the needs of every salesperson’s busy schedule. Discover our multi-modal approach that consists of:

  • Engaging Instructor-Led Sessions
  • Self-paced Online Learning
  • Ongoing Coaching and Reinforcement
Supported by the Sandler LMS

Supported by the Sandler LMS

Our Learning Management System (LMS) is like the Swiss Army knife for your sales leaders. With thousands of on-demand resources arranged in personalized learning paths, you’re only one click away from your next breakthrough.

Additional Content Included:

  • Sandler Summit Recordings
  • Sandler Resources for Sales
  • Additional Resources for Managers
  • Harvard Business School Case Study Up-Front Contracts
  • The Sandler Rules for Salespeople
  • How to Succeed Podcasts and Webinars
  • More added every month!
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Experience the SDS, Crash a Class Today

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