Dave Mattson

David Mattson is the CEO and President of Sandler Training, an international training and consulting organization headquartered in the North America. Since 1986, he has been a trainer and business consultant for management, sales, interpersonal communication, corporate team building and strategic planning throughout the United States and Europe.

David is the author of the Wall Street Journal bestsellers, The Sandler Rules: 49 Timeless Selling Principles and How to Apply Them and Sandler Success Principles: 11 Insights that will change the way you think and sell. He regularly authors articles for business publications and continues to be involved in the ongoing creation and development of new Sandler training products and programs.

Generational Differences In Managing People and How to Do It Right

By Dave Mattson / January 14, 2016

As a manager of people, you know and understand the challenge of the “new” workplace. The reality of four generations working side by side is fraught with obstacles that threaten to derail productivity and hinder progress. Before you pop another antacid and check again to see if it’s time to cut a trail home, take…

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Success in the New Year: How to Make and Keep Sales-Related New Year’s Resolutions

By Dave Mattson / January 7, 2016

It’s that time of year again when everyone is pondering their New Year’s resolutions. Whether you’re the type of person to let your resolutions slide after the first week or two of the New Year or the kind who embraces them wholeheartedly, accountability is the key to converting a resolution into an accomplishment. People set…

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Sales Managers – The Clock is Ticking on Hitting Sales Goals

By Dave Mattson / December 1, 2015

Are your salespeople on track for hitting their sales goals?  If they are: Congratulations…to you and to them. If they are not: What are you going to do about it?  The clock is ticking. How are you going to motivate your salespeople (or at least those whose numbers aren’t up to par) to pick up…

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Happy Sales Team; Happy Business

By Dave Mattson / November 24, 2015

Sales managers recognize that a primary part of their jobs is to keep their sales teams productive.  But, keep them happy!  Is that really part of the job? Yes.  Salespeople may be thankful for having a good job, but happiness is another dimension of the work experience—an important and often overlooked dimension.  When jobs are scarce, people will put…

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Close the Sale: How to Overcome Price Objection

By Dave Mattson / November 18, 2015

Imagine the following scenario.  After a few meetings with a prospect during which you examined his current situation and analyzed his needs and future goals, you developed and presented a four-step approach for what you believed to be the best fit solution to meeting his challenge.  The investment necessary to obtain and implement your solution…

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Your Sales Prospect Needs More Time…Or Do They?

By Dave Mattson / November 12, 2015

A major frustration for salespeople is dealing with prospects that can’t seem to make a decision.  Perhaps the biggest of those frustrations is struggling with prospects who indicate the desire to make a decision (and to do so by a certain date), but when the date rolls around, they invariably need more time.  How many…

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5 Reasons Why Change Is Good for Your Sales Team

By Dave Mattson / October 12, 2015

You stand in front of your sales team and announce a shift in workplace policies, or privately mention that a client wants to go in another direction with their account. Immediately, your salespeople cringe. People that work in sales reflexively shy away from change, even if it is positive. No one wants to “rock the…

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7 Ways to Change Your Sales Focus and Drive New Revenue

By Dave Mattson / September 16, 2015

Salespeople tend to be focused, driven, and almost single-minded when it comes to closing a sale. While this attitude can bring about great results, it can also prevent a salesperson from considering alternative ways to approach the sales relationship. Does the client prefer frequent phone calls to check in, or would your sales process run…

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Motivation and Discipline: How Managers Can Use Both to Lead a Successful Team

By Dave Mattson / August 17, 2015

While motivation and discipline are on opposite ends of the management spectrum, managers need to provide both to lead a team successfully. A manager who uses only motivational techniques may be well-liked, but over time employees begin to lose respect for leadership if they feel they can get away with bad behaviors. Conversely, a manager that provides…

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How to Build a Sales Plan that Withstands Summer Sales Slumps

By Dave Mattson / August 3, 2015

The infamous summer sales slump may be in full swing in your business, but it’s time to turn things around. By rethinking your summer sales plan, you can use a slower market to your advantage. Follow our guide to building a sales plan that withstands summer slumps and turn these notoriously slow months into productive and profitable…

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