Megan Courcy

Megan Ayraud Courcy is the Director of Training & Online Learning at Next Level, Inc., a certified Sandler Training center. Megan’s role involves working with all of her clients to help them achieve more consistent sales success via online learning, in-person training & behavioral reinforcement. Megan is a co-creator of SalesAccountability, the go-to coaching and accountability software for Sandler. The mission of SalesAccountability is to help salespeople, sales managers, and all those that support sales build a better more meaningful and purposeful day.

Winning Your Day With SalesAccountability

By Megan Courcy / September 18, 2019

Of all the sales leaders we work with, we consistently hear the same adage: “I need to hold my salespeople accountable.” That’s fine in theory, but the question that sales leaders must ask themselves first is, “What exactly am I holding them accountable to?” All too often, the answer we hear back is “closing sales.”…

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