Will Crist

Will Crist is an Associate for a licensed Sandler Training® center located in Irvine, California. Will helps clients build their sales teams, improve the sales management, create accountability systems and focus on growing sales revenue. He says: "The Sandler Selling System® is the only sales training system that consistently deals with attitudes, techniques and behaviors. This combined with regular reinforcement training gives the Sandler students the greatest opportunity to improve their selling skills. Classes, coaching and tracking behavior provide the necessary supports for successful growth and development."

Will talks about the importance of watching what people do rather than listening to what they say. Planning horizons change and require shorter sales development time. When the order-takers run out of orders, sales people start selling. Through Sandler, Will works with CEOs, Presidents, and Owners to develop the sales force with a particular emphasis on the sales management process. Since successful sales managers and successful sales people have different skill sets, both need to develop their attitudes, beliefs and behaviors to maximize the momentum of the sales force.

How Sales Pros Can Change Their Mindset

By Will Crist / June 15, 2010

What happens the first time you try a new selling or management technique? It’s usually uncomfortable and doesn’t go as smoothly as it did in the class/coaching session or how you imagined it would go. Often you come away feeling bad. There are physiological reasons for this discomfort and awkwardness. When you see or hear…

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A Simple Trust-Building System That Works Every Time

By Will Crist / June 10, 2010

The other day, people in the training center were discussing how they go about building trust. The group shared lots of ideas, and every idea they shared would probably do the trick. When all was said and done, we had a list of about twenty things people could do to build trust. Over time, doing…

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Why Do People Buy From You?

By Will Crist / June 7, 2010

How would you answer this question: Why does someone or a firm engage you or decide to buy from you? Take a moment and write down the reasons you think people buy. From what I have seen in most professional schools, people compete to have the best grades, the most outstanding ideas and the most highly…

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In Sales, Winners Keep Score

By Will Crist / June 2, 2010

Last week, my clients and I were talking about how to respond to adversity. If you made it through that message and you still have your head up high and your eyes forward, you might be asking the question: “What do I do now?” When we say something like: “There are people who say there…

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